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Peter Cannon
Linux wannabe, Podcaster, Creative Commons advocate.
Linux wannabe, Podcaster, Creative Commons advocate.

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Ye Olde Play
A sleepy Morrisons in a leafy shire of merry old England. Me : "Hi, can I have two of those sausages with chips please?" Assistant : "Is that the three sausage deal?" Me : "Oh god no, I couldn't do three sausages!" Assistant : "Well there's the small deal w...

Tomorrow I will have to climb 400ft in the air and put a roof tile back thanks to Doris. And me with my terrible fear of climbing ladders. :-(

I really hate those "I'm looking to see who reads this......." posts, mostly on Facebook. Grow up you sad wuss! Stop fishing for people to be your insecurity/popularity crutch.

I have a such a good relationship with my customers.

Earlier I posted about a customers site being attacked. Part of my response to them was:

Me: "I'm not sure what you would like us to do other than track them down and duff them up a bit?"

The customer has just replied with:
Customer: "How much is your duff them up service?"


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Now that should be interesting?

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Who's Fault?
And the winner of the most ridiculous support request goes to: "Our site is under attack from IP SAMSUNG-ANDROID is this anything to do with the server issue you had last week?" #facepalm

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Wolverhampton hits the headlines.

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#Raspberrypi Windows thin client

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So I've been selected from the thousands of +LinkedIn members? Wow I feel honoured.

I may have to answer questions before I'm allowed to participate? But I thought I was selected?

How to elevate people and deflate them within two sentences. :-D

Happy birthday to +David Megins-Nicholas who has finally reached the age of consent. :-)
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