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Google killed it in their earnings announcement today. Stock up over 10% in after-hours with improvements in pretty much every business segment. I feel vindicated for piling into this stock over the last six months with everyone so giddy about Facebook (short!).

Traveling like a pro. Two hour flight delay, so left two hours later - changed ticket on the way and hopped on an earlier flight that departed 30 minutes earlier, ten minute total wait time. Poor suckers have been here for hours. ;)

Alright. Gave-up on the automated Yahoo import and just did an export from Yahoo into a CSV file, and then imported it into Gmail. This is super clunky and needs to get fixed for it to become viral in a big way. Thanks +Omer Latif for the suggestion.

Is anyone else having issues with the Yahoo import request not working?

Well, I still can't get G+'s import feature to work, and it seems like Yahoo's export feature is overloaded and not responding. Grr.

Someone needs to develop a third-party toolkit to import all data from FB to Google+. ;)

How can you find any real streams of people talking? Seems like there are so few people on here.
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