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Seamus McKenna
Numerate guy who can string a few words in English
Numerate guy who can string a few words in English


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Is the US dollar’s decline since January 2017 a ‘Black Swan’ event?
The OmicronFX algorithmic Forex trading system is
proving its reliability by being consistently profitable throughout 2017. It
was able to ride out a long-term extreme global economic event, and still show
profits. The US dollar decline
as an extreme econom...

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OmicronFX / EthicalHFT Algorithmic Forex trading report Q1 2077 Last Friday, March 31st, was the last day of Quarter One 2017. The outcome of Algorithmic trading for the quarter is shown on the graph. We traded two pairs from the start of the year, moving up to three pairs towards the end of February ...

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Forex can seem easy, but consider that an amateur has never won the US Masters
Two amateurs are invited to take part in the US Masters golf tournament in Augusta every year. They are the winner and runner-up of the United States Amateur Championship, known as the U.S. Amateur for short. Although there are many well known names among t...

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Most retail traders lose money: regulators The Central Bank of Ireland , the financial regulatory authority for the Irish Republic, has issued a consultation paper on some topics that concern retail investors, mainly as they relate to trading Contracts of Difference (CFDs). The re...

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Most retail Forex traders lose money, so you need a managed account
Ethical HFT   is the managed trading account arm of  OmicronFX Limited,  whose principals are  Ronan Harbison and Seamus McKenna.  Between them they have a lifetime of investment and trading experience, in all asset classes, as well as many years of total i...

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The power of compounding
When people trade Forex they often forget about the power of
compounding. Some brokers even inadvertently make it difficult to get the
benefit of this very powerful force, by insisting that all trade sizes have to
be in ‘lots’ or ‘micro lots’. This means th...

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High Frequency Trading has a bad name
High Frequency Trading (HFT) has been given a bad name by the activities of certain users of the technique who have been guilty of obtaining an unfair advantage through the use of secretive, high-tech methodologies that remove the risk from their operations...

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The effective use of computer algorithms for Forex trading
It is generally accepted that a computer program for
trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) cannot be allowed to run unsupervised, as a
so-called “Black Box” system, in the expectation that it will make consistent
profits in this way. Such systems have often been...
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