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Hes just following the UN bio diversity ploy.. to a T. Hes getting paid well for destroying the US of A . All part and parcel as to why they didnt hesitate to murder LaVoy and the reason the bundys ,, ammons etc are all being arrested.. sure they allowed te ferguson riots.. there isnt any minerals such as,, Uranium there???!!! No problem there. But if you want some land with substance?? Its not allowed today!! Or simply be a veggie or a beef or chicken farmer?? Nope. !! They want you grouped into urban areas to control you,, they want you to eat gmo foods!! And the rest of the poison they manufacture from chemicals!!! ConAgra?? Yep youre all being conned!!! Couple that with chem trails.. and then wonder why you or most your friends are currently dying from a list of cancers. Very sad. God have mercy on us all!! God bless you!! +++
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