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Moises Benitez
I can't explain how I come up with the things I say
I can't explain how I come up with the things I say

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Gotta try something that scares you once in while (within reason)...

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10 things that require 0 talent. 0.
1. Being on time
2. Work Ethic
3. Effort
4. Body Language
5. Energy
6. Attitude
7. Passion
8. Listening
9. Doing extra
10. Being prepared

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Out here trying to fight the washed up life 

So y'all out here a few days before the holidays and not brushing your tongues and roof of y'all mouths uh? Please make it a New Years resolution. Please. In fact begin now, why wait? Get in front of it. 

Don't wake up early and go half speed, just sleep in bruh 💯

RIP Castro.

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Me in Monday's 

Trump winning this election depicts how desperate we are for a change in how our current t system runs. I voted for him, not out of desperation, but in an attempt to throw a Molotov cocktail at a system that insists in not changing the way it operates.

Try and not change a person for your benefit. It's never good. Only causes friction and frustration. #keytolife
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