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Donovan Derr
A Family Historian and collector of PEZ
A Family Historian and collector of PEZ

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I am trying to find a marriage license for my grandparents

Lewis Domer Temple 1928-2010
Sarah Agnes Hain 1918-2007
Married 14 MAR 1949

I was always led to believe they were married in Harrisburg, PA.

Sarah's Parent's Names are Harry Hain and Gertrude Mae Hubley. 
When Gertrude died Harry couldn't raise all the kids himself 
so Sarah and her sister Helen went to live with Gertrude's 
Sister Mary Elvina Hubley and her Husband Harvey W Beck.
Sarah's sister was against the wedding and forbid it,
so they ran away and got married.

I just find it interesting that I never realized I didn't have this, 
I just always assumed that what I was told was true and while going 
back thru my tree and "house-cleaning" I noticed I didn't have there 
license or certificate. Had I noticed this before they passed, 
I could have just asked them. So I asked my mother and she said 
that she seems to recall gram telling her at some point that they 
went to maryland and got married. But neither her or any of my 
aunts or uncles has ever seen a marriage license or certificate.

Since I've asked my mother about it she has become 
"VERY" curious about where they got married and calls
 every few days to ask if I have found anything yet.

I'm not having any luck with Family Search, or Ancestry.

How do I find out where they married, so I know where to search?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Does anyone do Square foot gardening?

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