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Jörḓaƞ “Ȑiɏzɇ” Vîtål
I speak 3 fluent Languages.. English, Bullshit and Asshole...
I speak 3 fluent Languages.. English, Bullshit and Asshole...

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Had to rehare this great story.
"This young man approached me and asked me to buy him a gallon of milk. My first thought was to say no but as I was paying for my gas I grabbed the milk. Outside was his girlfriend holding a box of cereal. He thanked me and I started to walk to my car. Something in me made me turn around. I told them I was about to get a car wash but if he wanted to wash it for me I’d pay him $20. We went to the nearest car wash and he had tears in his eyes after I paid him!

He told me that more than anything he appreciated me giving him the opportunity to be a man again in the eyes of his girlfriend and work for the money. The whole time his girlfriend helped him. It’s like she was proud of him. You could tell the love was so real. Real beyond material things and what he could do for her. She told him he did a great job and he couldn’t stop smiling. I had a long talk with him and her and he had a backpack full of paperwork from all of the places he’s been going to get help for them. I drove them to my apartment complex and gave him clothes for interviews and a few outfits and fitted caps. I don’t have much but life is about sharing what you do have.

Be a blessing to someone today because you could be in that situation before you know it! I gave them my number and I plan to take them to any interviews or appointments they have. It’s a great day to be alive no matter what your situation is. Someone has it worse than you! Share this message and inspire others to do good.”- Deontae Bullard

+Esther Wojcicki​ should be glued to Google I/O right now watching +Susan Wojcicki​...

You know looking back on 2016 I've failed in many aspects of life.. But while I wind down and wrap up this year I realized that there were many inspirational moments of the year... I have accomplished a lot in the year and according to the theme that I set for 2016 which was 'Completion' I did complete portions of my life that were incomplete or lacking... So as I set foot in 2017 my theme is growth (evolution).

Those who cannot evolve will die. "Jordan Vital"

Have a blessed and inspirational 2017 everyone..

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sighs deep shit... #reflective

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Oct 29th 2016. Commonwealth of Dominica. LIVE!!!!! The devil pulled the card and he said choose one #nightmusic #vibe

It's funny how when you looking for the positive and your the voice of reason and encouragement while everyone looking at the negative no one notices but as soon as you start looking at the negative it's like everyday you ask Satan for advice on how to take his job... No you fools didn't break my spirit or change me I'm still positive I'm just trying to show you how stupid you look and sound... #asshole #takenotes

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cleaning music

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Grapes riding spiders? 🍇 Play the Doodle Fruit Games! 🌟 got a 32 in this one.. perfect score #GoogleDoodle

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Strawberries can run? 🍓 Play the Doodle Fruit Games! 🏃 🌟 #GoogleDoodle

truth is if you don't have a person's loyalty then their love is meaningless.

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