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Bournmouth Hypnotherapy Service - Successful treatment for all unwanted habits, behaviours & feelings.
Bournmouth Hypnotherapy Service - Successful treatment for all unwanted habits, behaviours & feelings.


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Our recent interview is now posted and available for on-demand streaming and download at (dated May 24th). You can download it by right-clicking the Download link and selecting “Save Target As.”
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Relationship Counselling Online Rebuilding Emotional Closeness in the Face of Physical Distance
The non-threatening and comforting atmosphere provided by the internet has revolutionised the way people seek help for health issues, especially those problems which require the patient to regularly visit a practitioner. Travelling to meet a counsellor can be expensive and time-consuming, but with the meteoric rise of the internet, video conference software allows anyone to access live help from across the world, instantly. This method of e-counselling is undoubtedly a growing trend and is beneficial for those suffering from a whole range of disorders or issues such as depression, phobias or low self-esteem. is a UK-based service which allows patients to access help from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.
One of the ways in which e-therapy has started to really show its practicality is when it is used for online relationship counselling sessions. Many couples who find themselves in high-powered jobs, with packed schedules and jet-set lifestyles, may resign themselves to the fact that their relationship is just not working. However, for those willing to seek help, e-therapy can provide the answer. With online counselling, the husband could be working in Hong Kong, with his wife on the other side of the world in L.A., yet through the invention of video conferencing, they can undergo a relationship counselling session together without even having to be on the same continent.
The sessions provided by operate in a very similar way to conventional face-to-face therapy sessions, except that all communication is done through virtual means. Video calls, emails, telephone calls or live chat conversations are all ways in which practitioners have started to reach out to clients who may find it difficult to commit to regular sessions in real life. The online counselling sessions help clients to focus on fixing what is wrong, rather than trying to prove who is right – often a stumbling block in many relationships. Lack of communication is often one of the biggest factors in the breakdown of a previously successful partnership. Innovative e-counselling sessions can help to rebuild emotional closeness and encourage honest, open communication once again even if work or other commitments make physical closeness an impossibility.
Clients as far afield as Canada, Australia and the United States have already benefited from the pioneering service provided by, and the sessions have become a lifeline for many who struggle to attend face-to-face sessions.
To find out more or to book a relationship counselling session online, visit
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Using Hypnotherapy To Treat Depression
Depression affects thousands of people in the UK, and can cause many negative symptoms, including feeling sad and hopeless, losing interest in previously enjoyable activities and often feeling tearful or anxious. Physical symptoms can include sleeping badly, if at all, having a decreased appetite or sex drive, and complaining of various aches or pains. Severity of symptoms can vary hugely, with some simply feeling persistently low in spirit, whilst others experience suicidal feelings. People often speak of a ‘downward spiral’ of events that leads to depression, and many turn to alcohol or drugs to help combat this, resulting in worsening symptoms. It is not something that people can simply ‘snap out of’; it is a real illness with recognisable symptoms, and something which influences many people’s lives. Hypnotherapy Bournemouth experts Dolphin Hypnotherapy offer combinations of proven and unique treatments to aid recovery from depression at each of their Dorset clinics.
There are two types of depression which can be treated; reactive and clinical. Reactive depression can occur after a particular traumatic incident such as the loss of a loved one, a relationship breakdown or the loss of a job. Clinical depression is different; characterised by recurrent bouts, with no direct cause and often with the side effect of guilt caused by knowing there is no real reason for such feelings. Depression affects 1 in 10 people at some point in their lives, and is the most common mental health problem in Britain.
The treatments offered by Dolphin Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth and Dorset, which are designed to help those suffering from depression in Dorset, vary depending on the type of depression being suffered. Hypnotherapy works by offering powerful suggestions to the unconscious mind; the part where a person’s habits and self-image are stored. It helps to alter the belief system of the client to bring about positive changes in a patient’s wellbeing. Positive messages are spoken in a powerful way whilst the patient is in a relaxing trance.
Reactive depression responds particularly well to suggestion hypnosis, as well as treatments such as counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. Those who suffer from clinical depression tend to benefit more from analytical hypnotherapy, which seeks the root cause and attempts to remove it. This version of hypnoanalysis provides a safe space for clients to explore their emotions and to safely remove the emotional triggers that may be causing their depression.
Dolphin Hypnotherapy offers a free initial consultation to those suffering from depression in Dorset and surrounding areas. To book an appointment, visit or call 07790 333431.
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Raising Confidence and Banishing Low Self-Esteem
Confidence and self-esteem issues plague thousands of people all over the country, causing many to view themselves negatively and altogether unrealistically. The characteristics of low self-esteem include social withdrawal, anxiety, lack of social skills, inability to accept compliments and accentuating negatives at all times. Many people with confidence issues actually appear to be outwardly confident – there is a difference between composure and confidence.
Building confidence can breed success in all areas of life, from relationships to work, from family to friends. Dolphin Hypnotherapy offer proven unique combinations of treatments for confidence and self-esteem issues, including cognitive behavioural therapy and various forms of hypnotherapy in Bournemouth. The treatments provide powerful suggestions to the unconscious mind which can help stop the feelings of inadequacy and help end such symptoms as the reluctance to take on new challenges or the unwillingness to put yourself first.
The unconscious mind is where memory, wisdom and perception are stored; it is the area of the brain where potential is held, as well as habits and self-image. By using powerful suggestions to touch upon the unconscious mind through hypnosis, confidence can be raised and self-esteem issues can be banished. Hypnotherapy to improve confidence and self esteem has been clinically proven to help with physical issues such as chronic pain conditions, reduction of pain during childbirth and elimination or reduction of skin complaints, as well as the mental problems associated with exam-related stress, weight loss, phobias, quitting smoking and many more.
Hypnotherapy is just one technique offered at the clinics in Bournemouth and Dorset; hypnoanalysis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) hypnosis are also used to great effect. Hypnoanalysis is concerned primarily with finding the root cause of the difficulties and removing it, whilst providing a safe place to discuss and remove these emotions. Nobody is born with low self-esteem; it is picked up later in life, and this hypnoanalysis treatment can help to pinpoint when and where the issue began, and remove the emotional trigger. NLP hypnosis is associated with curing phobias, but the overlap with cognitive behavioural therapy mean it is an also an effect remedy for low confidence in Bournemouth. It can help patients to overcome negative areas of their personality, which can lead to the distressing side-effects and symptoms associated with low self-esteem.
Dolphin Hypnotherapy offers a free initial consultation for those who wish to raise their confidence and banish low self esteem. To book or for more information, visit or call 07790 333431.
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Can Hypnotherapy Treat Bad Habits?

Hypnotherapy is thought to date back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, where it was considered a healing art. The ancient Greeks and Romans built sleep temples where those who sought healing powers would be placed in a trance and their dreams interpreted, their motto “mens sana in corpore sano” health mind healthy body.

The use of hypnotherapy today is widespread and can be used to treat of a range of behavioural patterns, ailments and even for the reduction of pain in cancer patients or during childbirth. Based on the belief that the mind and body exert influences upon one another, hypnotherapy can even be used in applications such as the Hypnotic Gastric Band, tricking the body into feeling full without the need for medical intervention.

Dolphin Hypnotherapy offers a growing number of Bournemouth hypnotherapy treatments. The practice’s senior consultant Mr Roberts explains that hypnotherapy can be successfully used to treat bad habits. He says “Many of our behavioural patterns and habits such as smoking and deep routed fears and feelings are linked to our sub conscious. You may have heard these referred to as ‘bad habits’, ‘obsessions’ or even ‘paranoia’”.

“Our behavioural patterns are caused by strong associations often formed from past experiences, how we perceive these experiences and what emotions we have attached to them. The same way in which a toddler can quickly learn what the word ‘hot’ means by touching a candle, at any stage in life we can equally learn to associate powerful feelings and strong associative pattern of thought to objects, situations, people and even develop damaging images of our own self.”

Understanding what our own perception means to us can be key in treating bad habits. What may be scary or provoke fear in one person and develop a deeply routed and painful memory, may simply seem totally unrealistic to another. Likewise, triggers that cause you to reach for a cigarette each time you have a glass of wine or finish a meal can also be down to deep-routed associations which are dictating behavioural patterns. These associations can be so deeply linked to our emotions that they possess a certain control over our conscious mind and simply learning to overcome these memories to break the habit can be hard to do on your own as anyone who has tried to quit smoking will attest to.

The Bournemouth Hypnotherapy treatments offered at Dolphin Hypnotherapy help patients to reach into the sub conscious and re-establish positive thought connections. This could range from positive changes in someone’s self-esteem to re-establishing how they perceive a certain situation or deal with phobias and fears. By adjusting our belief system we can therefore change the way in which we think about something and even the way we see ourselves.

While not everyone suffers from low self-esteem or depression, hypnotherapy does more than just treat. Hypnotherapy can improve areas of people’s lives where they may be lacking in motivation such as the willpower needed to stop smoking or lose weight.

Hypnotherapy works on the basis of giving small but powerful suggestions to the sub conscious mind. The sub conscious is not something we are normally aware of but at the same time dictates what we do, how we do it and how we feel. Our memories and our experience make up our sub conscious in both positive and negative ways. It is when the negative thoughts and feeling become so strong as to be limiting to our own potential is when they are damaging. Readjusting these thoughts and establishing more positive connections can help a patient discard their limitations and reach new heights both personally and even professionally.

Hypnotherapy treats people as individual as their experiences have made them, this is why it can work for everyone. Hypnotherapy is merely a way tapping into our own sub conscious mind and helping to make those small changes in our thought process.

For more information about Hypnosis treatments in Bournemouth or to book a free initial consultation visit or call 07790 333431.
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Bournemouth Clinic Offers Unlimited Potential with Hypnotherapy Treatment For Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. Many may only experience anxiety in a particular area of their lives and as we all have something in life that we dislike doing or are not as good at, mild anxiety disorders can go relatively unnoticed. It’s now estimated that one in 20 people suffer from an anxiety-related disorder.

Anxiety is something that develops over time and can grow in the sub-conscious to the extent of becoming extremely controlling over the conscious mind. Such inhibition can be detrimentally influential in a person’s life and while clinical medicine is able to treat common anxiety symptoms such as interrupted sleep patterns, cold sweats and palpitations, it does not treat the root cause of why an anxiety attack has come to surface. Dolphin Hypnotherapy, the Bournemouth hypnotherapy experts with clinics in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset, offers a range of treatments such as counselling, hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to alleviate anxiety symptoms at the deepest of levels.

Techniques such as hypnotherapy may date back to the ancient Egyptians but it is only really in the last decade that its practice has become more widely recognized as an accepted form of treatment. Senior Dolphin Hypnotherapy counsellor Mr Roberts explains, “Many people have in the past shied away from treatment such as hypnosis for fear of social stigma or just through a fear of the unknown but it is becoming more and more widely understood – we now provide over 1000 hours of Bournemouth hypnotherapy treatments per annum, which suggests that more and more are willing to seek help for their fears and anxieties rather than suffer in silence.”

Not to be confused with the hypnotherapy stage performances the use of hypnosis as an anxiety treatment is very different.

Hypnosis taps into the sub-conscious mind by giving it powerful suggestions to rebuild the negative connotations and associative emotions we have developed. Undoing these powerful connections and re-building them with the help of hypnosis is a very calm, non-invasive form of treatment. Where some patients may find that their anxiety is more deeply-routed and require a number of additional sessions, others may only require a couple of sessions to restore their confidence and set them back onto a path where they know they can reach their full potential.

Anxiety can surface in any number of ways with the common symptoms being nerves, panic attacks, ill-health and stress. The great advantage of hypnotherapy is, however, that you do not have to suffer from severe anxiety disorder to reap the benefits. Many patients have attended hypnotherapy sessions with Dolphin Hypnotherapy to improve on an area of their lives where they know that their lack of confidence is holding them back.

Severe anxiety is much more deeply-routed and can intrude on all areas of a person’s life. Tending to focus on a negative outcome rather than the positive, anxiety sufferers continuously focus on and fear worse case scenarios. Such negative thoughts and feelings can be extremely harmful and impact drastically on relationships, friendships, schooling, health, jobs and other family members. The anxiety of constantly fearing a negative outcome is controlling and debilitating in the way it ultimately dictates the what, how and why of day-to-day living. Alleviating this burden of daily stress is undeniably uplifting and a massive relief for both the patient and their families.

Anxiety can set in at any stage of life and there is no set rule to how we, as individuals, deal with the hurdles life throws our way. Mr Roberts added, “We have helped thousands of local people to free themselves from the control anxiety disorders can exert. The power of hypnotherapy is limitless and by using the body’s own sub-conscious mind as the treatment, we can help to free our patients from worry.”

To book a free initial consultation or for more information, visit or call 07790 333431.
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What is NLP and How Can It Work For You?

The practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is more widely accepted then ever before and offers an alternative treatment for human behavioural issues that are not always successfully treated by conventional medicine. Dolphin Hypnotherapy, the Bournemouth NLP specialists, help patients to deal with a multitude of issues using NLP Hypnosis and have helped countless local residents to achieve goals they previously thought were impossible.

NLP is most commonly used to examine and alter human behavioural patterns that become so far out of control as to be unhealthy, debilitating, unsociable and ultimately limiting for personal growth, promotional opportunities at work and social networking. Such patterns may include smoking, aggression, phobias, panic attacks, depression, OCD, psychosomatic illness and lack of confidence.

An experienced Bournemouth NLP practioner, Mr Roberts is the senior consultant at Dolphin Hypnotherapy. He explains, “Confidence and self esteem are key to determining the many behavioural patterns we can experience as human beings and will ultimately control what we do, how we do it and how we react. They can significantly alter the goals we want to achieve both in the work place and on a personal level.”

A severe lack of confidence is a deep inner emotion often attributed to a particular area of someone’s life and visible in outward displays of shyness, poor social skills or fear of public speaking. Poor self-esteem is where the dwindling levels of confidence have spread from one area of a person’s life to several others and in turn have had a harmful effect on self opinion.

Negatively impacting a person’s health, work, friends, family relations and marital stability, people with low self-esteem can often find themselves battling a downward spiral in several areas of their life. Severe cases of lack of self-confidence and self-esteem often manifest themselves in self-destructive behavioural patterns such as anorexia, bulimia and over eating.

All of our habits, fears and phobias are what we have allowed, over time, to establish control both over our subconscious and conscious. Getting rid of these undesirable features can be extremely difficult. A simple trip to the doctor may help some but often these patterns, fears and even obsessions are so deeply routed that conventional treatment is merely not enough.

For those caught in this cycle, booking a NLP consultation in Bournemouth, Dorset or elsewhere is the first step to tackling the root cause rather than just treating a symptom. Behavioural patterns and neurological disorders are often associated with powerful emotions. This link can become so strong in the subconscious that the conscious is unable to disregard it, allowing is to develop over time until it overpowers rational and logical thought processes. Eating disorders are, for example, associated with the extreme pleasure or displeasure we associate with eating. There can be multiple reasons for this but by assisting a patient understand what is feeding the anxieties, fear and confidence issues, NLP can help patients learn how they can control these thoughts and emotions.

Hypnosis is a non-intrusive neuro-linguistic therapy that can reach deep into the sub-conscious, helping people understand their behaviours and effectively re-program them at the deepest level. NLP is an alternative but effective approach to the study of neurological processes and the development of both our negative and positive behavioural patterns. Promoting the belief that what has been learnt can be re-learnt, NLP therapy involves the channelling of new associations and emotions to override the old emotional connections. Understanding the essence behind the power of the mind and how we are able to take control over our thoughts and emotions is empowering to patients undergoing this type of therapy.

For more information about Dolphin Hypnotherapy or to arrange a consultation, visit or call 07790 333431.
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Poole Hypnosis Practice Racks Up Treatment Hour Milestone

Hypnosis Poole practice, Dolphin Hypnotherapy has announced that it has achieved a milestone number of patient treatment hours. The service, which offers a range of hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatments from its base at The Doctor’s Surgery in Canford Heath, now provides over 1000 hours of therapy per annum, with 1065 hours recorded between April 2011 and mid-January.

Mr Roberts, senior consultant and hypnotherapist at Dolphin Hypnotherapy said “It’s quite significant that we have achieved this amount of patient hours, which is the largest we have recorded since the practice opened in 1994. We feel that it reflects the changing needs of society in these stressful economic times and the willingness of locals to seek help in the form of hypnosis in Poole.”

The increased treatment hours have been recorded over a wide range of services, with Dolphin Hypnotherapy’s status as the most effective and well respected practioner of hypnosis in Poole covering a huge range of treatments.

The 1065 patient hours recorded in the last nine months have helped residents in Poole, Dorset and surrounding areas to successfully tackle issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, exam fears and smoking cessation. Earlier this year, it became one of just 540 global practioners to offer the innovative hypno-band, a hypnosis based gastric band for those wishing to loose weight. It has already helped a number of Dorset-based patients to change their eating habits using the non-surgical band.
In addition to the Poole clinic which takes place on a Wednesday and Friday, Dolphin Hypnotherapy also run a Bournemouth Hypnosis clinic on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week.

For more information about Dolphin Hypnotherapy or to arrange a consultation, visit or call 07790 333431.
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Hypnosis In Bournemouth To Beat The Stress of the January Blues

A new year, new start! Well, that’s how many of us have chosen to kick off 2012. However, heading back to work this week may bring on the delayed onslaught of the stress you had left behind for the Christmas break. For those in the Dorset area feeling the effects of the return to work and January blues, specialist help is at hand in the form of hypnosis in Bournemouth.

January is generally a difficult time, in economic and business terms. Typically, many firms suffer because their customers simply can’t afford to pay for services, as a result of the overindulgent use of their wallet or purse over the festive period. Even the New Year sales aren’t enticing the crowds they once did – the recession-induced belt is still very much tightened – and January subsequently becomes quite a stressful month for many.

On top of that, the pressure to keep New Year’s resolutions such as get back in shape, quit smoking or return to a pressure-filled job while balancing an empty bank balance can take their own toll and lead to a month full of stress and worry. And, as anyone who’s struggled to stay motivated at the gym and economise after Christmas will know, this can quickly undo the relaxation benefits accumulated during Christmas. As a recognised treatment for unwanted habits, thoughts and behaviours, a course of hypnosis in Bournemouth is one way to escape the pressure cooker and turn down stress levels without breaking the bank.

Local firm, Dolphin Hypnotherapy is highlighting the use of hypnotherapy to combat stress symptoms and stressful situations. The practice, which offers cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy in Bournemouth and Dorset, says hypnotherapy sends subtle yet powerful suggestions to your unconscious mind, allowing you to better cope with stress.

Mr Roberts, senior consultant and hypnotherapist at Dolphin Hypnotherapy said, “Your habits and self-image are stored in your unconscious mind and quite often, stress triggers embed themselves in this part of your mind too. Hypnosis sends signals to help reduce the impact of these triggers and it’s an effective treatment because the treatment aims to provide a long term and permanent change by altering the belief system. Our clinic offers the hypnotherapy treatment for stress relief in Bournemouth.”

For more information on the range of stress management treatments and hypnosis in Bournemouth or to arrange a consultation, visit or call 07790 333431.
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Access Hypnotherapy Online With Instant Consultations and Bookings From Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Practice

Dolphin Hypnotherapy, which offers cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy in Bournemouth and Dorset, has launched an instant online consultation and booking system at The latest addition to the website is part of the firm’s new venture, which offers clients all over the world quick and easy access to services such as hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling, without having to physically visit a therapist’s office.

Mr Roberts, senior consultant and hypnotherapist at Dolphin Hypnotherapy said, “We live in a world where supermarkets sell ready grated cheese, because people simply don’t have time to do it themselves. Time has become one of our most precious commodities, so we’re excited to have rolled out our new online therapy system. We hope this allows those needing to access our services a much faster route to accessing the help and support they require. Our face-to-face practice in Dorset continues to go from strength to strength but the online revolution allows my colleagues and I to help more people than ever before. With telephone, video conferencing, live chat and e-mail, we're really striving to make the most of technological advances and offer our services worldwide”

Set up in 1994, Dolphin Hypnotherapy has worked with hundreds of clients. The new online consultation service takes none of the personal touch away from the services offered - the therapists will still conduct in depth assessments, to establish the type of intervention most suited to the individual's needs before commencing with the relevant treatment.

Mr Roberts, “One of the main advantages of online counseling is the ability to have a consultation from an environment that you find more comfortable than, say, a clinical office, allowing the entire focus to be on getting exactly what is required from each session.”

To find out more about Dolphin Hypnotherapy and to arrange a consultation, visit or call 07790 333431.
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