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"It would be like... What's the opposite of preaching to the choir? It would be like preaching to Joe Saul."
"It would be like... What's the opposite of preaching to the choir? It would be like preaching to Joe Saul."

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I've kicked in on this one. I know the designer, I've played the game, and it's cool...
Please help support an RPG created by an Ann Arbor-grown designer!

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This is what happened at the Hyatt the day after +Penguicon. Had it happened during the con, they'd have been removing Na'vi too... :

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Told you guys there was a really good Predator costume at Penguicon!

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Our review of Seoul Street is in January's Current Magazine, and also on at It's a little mysterious to me that they're showing a photo of bi bim bap to illustrate a place that specializes in Korean fried chicken, but it is more colorful...

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Do you have to deal with both meetings and hands-on work (writing, coding, drawing etc.)? Wonder why it's harder than it should be? Check this article out. I've posted this before, but I recently sent it out to some colleagues and it occurs to me it's worth an occasional repost -- it's helped me not only to understand my own scheduling needs, but also how to be kinder to the schedules of those who can't refuse meetings with me:

My brother in law asks: "Do any of my technical-minded friends know of any Mac-compatible external bay for standard 3.5" SATA drives? I'm not looking for RAID capabilities, but I want & need to access data should something go wrong with the MacPro again."

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Wow. On some level, this is tempting...

In MI? Don't like the bill to remove benefits from same-sex domestic partners of state employees? Call Gov. Snyder's office at (517)335-7858. Remarkably, they're answering the phone and taking down names. Circulate this far and wide.


The two points I made when I called were:

1. This bill will make it harder for high-tech companies to recruit qualified employees to our state, which is already a problem by the way, because in addition to being economically challenged we will also look socially backward. It's hard enough to get programmers to come here rather than California, looking like we're rednecks won't help matters.

1a. Same argument applies to our ability to retain recent college grads.

2. It won't save the state money in the medium-long run, because GLBT employees will quit (for private jobs which do offer benefits) and will be replaced, statistically, by straight employees who can and will use the benefits... and may be likely to have larger families who will go on those benefits.

I'm a technology exec. I told them that. If you think your job is relevant, or shows that you're the kind of people Snyder claims he wants around, tell them. He needs to hear this, and may be more inclined to listen if it's coming from the industries he claims to be promoting.
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