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Today we worship Buddha. What is his state? He was born in a royal family. In one day he got an enlightenment under a pipal tree. How did he get that state? From his birth his state was normal like other people. Without entering into a spiritual life why did he go and sit under the pipal tree? This state was not formed after he took birth as Siddhartha and was in the royal life. His state started from the time he began his life as a life atom on this earth. Though he took several births the powers that he had acquired by his contact with several Sages were lying dormant in him. It is only in his last birth in the royal family on account of the surroundings round him and from the way in which he was brought up, the powers which he had acquired in his previous births began to fructify. When he went and sat under the pipal tree, the acid power of the tree mixed with his breath, he got enlightenment and went to the Eternal world and is being worshiped by all now.
 The thoughts of the people who were born in this world and risen up to the states of Sages and Sabdha Rishis are doing good to the people of this world. The good powers of the people who have risen to the states of Sabda Rishis which are in the temples work in union with the thought of the devotees. Our elders have said worshiping at temples is good; do not live in the town where there is no temple. This they have said so that our bhakti may grow and WE MAY PROCEED IN THE SPIRITUAL PATH. 
It is not that we get the grace of God, only after going to the temples. We go to temples so that we can forget the various states that come during our family life and BE STEADY in one state there.

-Great Sage Eswaraya Gurudevar
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Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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