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6th floor, free coffee and non-stop laughings #2
It's currently 10.30am and I'm having breakfast alone. Normally, I would cringe at the thought of eating alone. I mean, that defeats the whole idea of 'bonding through food' right? I was brought up to eating being the time when we would get to know each oth...

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On the verge of breaking down
Have you tried to factor in all the possible mishaps that would happen to you when you move to a new country? I have, but it wasn't enough. Let's start from the top okay. I had my family and friends send me off exactly 24 hours ago. I boarded the 4h50m plan...

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To infinity and beyond.
It just hit me that I'll be in American soil in less than 30 hours, and I won't be back for 2++ years. Honestly, I only vaguely remember what I did 2 years ago. I was going through a rebellious phase and I was constantly dyeing my hair - from red to blue to...

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Serendipity: Tojinbo 東尋訪
Getting there:  Tojinbo is pretty difficult to get to unless you have a car to drive. My host - Souichirou volunteered to drive me there, but I had the worst time ever trying to get back home.  The train station is around an hours walk away from the cliff, ...

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WWOOF Japan Host: Inazawa's Frarm (h2617)
Website: - Location:  Maruoka, Fukui-cho (丸岡城) Working Hours:  9-10.30 / 15min tea / 10.45 - 1200 / Lunch and break / 1400 - 1700 / Finish Job Details: Wood cutting, cleaning the house, cooking, babysitting, sorting and packing soybeans, weeding, planting r...

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Photologue: Shigaraki-gushi 紫香楽宮跡
Getting there:  Take the Shigaraki Kogen Railway and get down at Shigarakigushi. After arriving, you would see signs saying "紫香楽宮跡". It's around 10 - 15 minutes away from the station. You would pass by a small park and a fairly quiet housing area. Hours and...

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Photologue: Gyokukeiji 玉桂寺
Getting there:  Take the Shigaraki Kogen Railway and get down at Gyokukeijimae (玉桂寺前) . After that, you would notice a small metal gate on your left. It might look like it's closed, but its open 24/7. Enter there and pass the suspension bridge. The temple s...

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FAQ about WWOOF-ing in Japan
I have been getting loads of questions on whatever that I have been doing to travel in Japan in the past few months. Here are the FAQs that I got. Feel free to drop a comment or tweet me if you have any more questions! 1. Are you studying in Japan? Nope. IM...

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Day 63 #ProjectSolo: Freaking out in Tokyo and searching for familiarity
Current location: Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi Currently listening: Secrets - One republic Things I've learned:  1. Tokyo intimidates me I grew up in the city. Technically, I should be at ease in cities but it's not the case in Tokyo. Every time I walk amidst the...
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