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Shauna Bickley
British Kiwi. Writes fiction to find out how the story ends and non-fiction to pay the bills. Enjoys exercising. Lives in a fantasy world, see previous comment.
British Kiwi. Writes fiction to find out how the story ends and non-fiction to pay the bills. Enjoys exercising. Lives in a fantasy world, see previous comment.

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You've probably noticed I haven't posted much recently and there's a good reason for that - this blog has moved. You can find the latest posts here . Eventually I'll move the self-publishing and writing related posts to the new blog, and attempt to catalogu...

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Character Traits and Revisiting Favourite Places
I’ve just come back from a visit to Sydney sandwiched with a short road
trip along some of the coast north of the city. If you’re a
regular visitor to this blog you’ll know that Sydney is my favourite city to
visit. It has the spectacular Opera House and Ha...

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One Lovely Blog Hop
I've been challenged by Amy Spahn to join in the Lovely Blog
Hop. The blog hop is intended to let you in on a few of the things in my life
that have helped make me the person and writer I am.  If I haven't bored you stupid by the end, you'll find some links...

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Writing Thoughts
Sometimes I wonder if everything I notice turns to writing thoughts. As an example, one of the local bus companies has a number of cartoon adverts on the back of their buses trying to persuade people to use
public transport. Most of these ads have a myth at...

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More Writing Inspiration
on from the previous post about where writers get their ideas, here are a couple of pieces of inspiration that came to me from situations recently.  In
a work meeting, I was introduced to someone who looked so like another friend
of mine they coul...

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Writing Inspiration
of the questions writers are often asked is where do your ideas come from. Some writers manage to think up amusing answers to that question, but basically
ideas come all the time. Here are a couple of incidents that happened to me recently. There
is a l...

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I was thinking...
Christmas and New Year seem to be the time of year we take stock of our lives, look at what we're doing and ponder whether it's what we actually want to do. It's also the time we often decide to make changes, although whether we actually follow through on t...

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Holiday Season
It's holiday season here. The schools are closed for the long summer holidays and most people have time off work from Christmas Eve through to early January, and many take more time off to kick back and enjoy the sunshine and glorious beaches. Yesterday we ...

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That Time of Year
Once again, and far faster than I'd imagined it, here we are at the end of the year. As I write, we have another sixteen hours until we'll all be wishing each other a happy New Year. I find it interesting and funny that because of the calendar we use, we ha...

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Things I Love About Summer
With just a few days to go until Christmas this may seem like a funny post, but here in the Southern Hemisphere we're enjoying long summer days, and so I thought I'd write down a few of the things I love about summer (in no particular order): Strawberries (...
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