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My first novel, A Play for the Castle - is now published on Amazon and Smashwords! Print version & extended distribution to other ebook retailers are coming soon.

Description: Arthur and his friends are noblemen disguised as traveling pla...yers. Raising an army in secret, while dodging mercenaries and cabbages alike, isn’t easy. Neither is keeping secrets from the curious young woman he happens to be falling in love with. She thinks he’s just an actor with a shady past, and if he’s to have any hope of a future, he can’t put her right. Between sword fights and scene changes, life is about to get interesting.


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Are B&N manipulating their bestseller list rankings? Plus, Nook UK deleting romance titles. Were you hit?

I write sweet romance and Nook UK have deleted one of my titles that only features a fade to black sex scene.  Other writers who write both romance and erotica have seen ALL their titles culled there, regardless of heat level. 

If you write romance, then it might be worth checking your titles on Nook UK to see if they are still there.  Also, if you write erotica or hot romance that has sold well on B&N recently and suspect that you've had your ranking hobbled - comment on Hugh's post and let people know.  If we can get enough evidence then maybe we can shame them into stopping this practice.

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Elle Casey, author of Wrecked and War of the Fae, is running a springtime giveaway of Young Adult and New Adult ebooks (there are some paperbacks available as well).
I am taking part with both my titles. For a chance to win one of my stories, or stories by the other authors involved, you can enter here:  
Good luck! :)

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This is a really good 'tough love' article.  If you respond well to that sort of article, you'll probably find it really inspiring, if you don't, you'll probably get mad - either way, if you read it then you'll see he makes some very good points!

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Have to share this as it's brilliant:  TOO CABARET: A Message For Gary Barlow  Some great voices & so many interesting acts to check out.  If only I could get to the Edinburgh Festival in the next few years to see some of them.  Ah well, parenthood is worth it.  Some day though...!

Post has attachment - A brilliant idea.  Schools who can't afford to buy books for the children to read can create Amazon Wishlists which are linked to on this site.  This gives people an easy way to donate much needed books direct to the schools.

Still working on Camp NaNoWriMo.  I finished the first story I was working on & will be starting a new one today.  For story number 1, I pre-plotted the whole thing scene by scene for the first time ever (I usually just brainstorm a very rough idea of where the action is going & make it up as I go along.) 

First story seemed much slower going than my writing usually is, though I'm not sure if that was a result of the pre-plotting or not.  I'll be interested to see how winging it compares for the second one.  This time I'm going to be sitting down to write with no idea of what the action of the story will be based around - all I know at the moment is who the two main characters are and that they get together. 

It's back to trusting my instincts!  :o)

I've decided to try to do August Camp NaNo.  It will be as tricky as ever to find the time - but I'm determined to do it.  I've even joined a cabin this time!

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