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Nicole Martinez
Geeky dork with nerdtastic tendendies.
Geeky dork with nerdtastic tendendies.

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Friends and family,
Bernie is coming to town on Sunday. He'll be at Grand Theater Wausau at 11AM. Show up early if you want to get in.
This isn't just for supporters. If you don't know who he is, what he stands for or think he's a crazy commie, you should come. If you think Trump is a more realistic candidate or knows something more about the struggles in Central Wisconsin, you should come.
I know you might work long hours or have a busy schedule. You should come anyway, not because I understand how hard my friends and family work for little pay and crappy benefits, but because Bernie Sanders does. He understands and he wants to erect change to benefit you and me and everyone.
Perhaps you're disenfranchised with the system and candidates being bought. So is Bernie. But he think it's worth caring about. You should come.
Maybe you think your vote doesn't count. Sanders does. You should come. If you haven't voted in years, you should come listen to him talk.
You might think he's just a different type of politician, someone who sounds good while he campaigns. Show up in person. Hear his voice. Look at his face. Listen to him answer questions from your friends and neighbors. Just be there with an open mind if you can.
And remember, when Hillary's only stop is 2 hours to the south, this says something about both Candidates. She's focusing on larger cities, he's adding stops 2 days before ballot casting day because our votes are important to him and, perhaps even more significantly, because we are important to him!
If this is the only thing you read about Bernie before that time, please consider it. Consider showing up. Bring your friends, your teenagers, your boss.
Supporters: I already know you'll be there! Make sure other people know what's going on! If you can say it better yourself, say something on your wall, over the phone in person. If not, share my post. It's public.
In fact, it's my only public post, and I think that says something. But you don't need to listen to me.
Listen to Bernie. 11AM. The Grand Theater this Sunday.

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Agents, we want to thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support as Ingress turns 3 years old.  As a token of our gratitude, all Agents that reach Level 3 by midnight Pacific Time (PT) on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 will earn a special Vanguard Medal.  The Vanguard Medal will be awarded based on the following tiers:

Bronze Medal: Reach Level 3 and above
Silver Medal: Reach Level 9 and above
Gold Medal: Reach Level 13 and above
Platinum Medal: Reach Level 15 and above
Onyx Medal: Reach Level 16

Additionally, for the next two weeks (from November 17th to December 1st), each Portal action will generate double Action Points (AP).  For example, capture a Portal to earn 1,000 AP (instead of 500 AP). 

Fluctuations in the Portal Network have caused the Hack output to be significantly boosted across the board as well.  

Share your favorite Ingress memories using the hashtag #IngressYearThree .  It’s time to Move, Agents.


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Bellabeat LEAF #giveaway from Tammys Luvs and Reviews

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