There's a picture that is supposed to show a crowd at a refugee camp in Syria. I believe it came out yesterday.

According to the metadata, it is being distributed by the AP. As far as I can tell, it has been significantly enhanced and was likely manufactured.

The main things I noticed:

- Compression level: The crowd in the middle is inconsistent with the rest of the picture. This could be due to selective recoloring or by adding the people.

- The focal distance is wrong for the people in the middle. They are unnaturally sharp (too sharp for a digital camera).

- Monobrow in the center looking down: someone altered his face and hair.

- Lighting and shadows on the middle crowd are inconsistent with the front people. (The sun glinting off people's heads would need to be in at least 3 very different locations.)

- People get smaller in the distance due to perspective. We have big people in front and small people in the middle, and no transitional sizes.

- The center crowd has a consistent color histogram, showing uniform/normalized coloring. The people in the front and the buildings in the back do not have this same normalization. They are explicitly different.

Are there other photos that claim to show this same event or from the same photographer? Can anyone identify the street -- is the street even real?
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