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Hey all, I know this is a little late, but if you can make it to this event, I would HIGHLY suggest going!

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XD free plan. Adobe is (slowly) coming around.

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WGA Midwest Gaming Classic After Party Social

Looking to continue the party Saturday night after the Midwest Gaming Classic? Stop on by the Wisconsin Games Alliance After Party at 42 Ale House!

Play some games, sample fine food and drink, and catch up with old friends and new at one of Milwaukee’s geekiest establishments!

Want some expert opinions on a game you’re working on? Bring your gear and demo your game to other devs! Internet and electricity is available.

Join us in the private room at:
42 Ale House
3807 S Packard Ave
Saint Francis, WI 53235

Doors open Saturday, April 14th at 8:00 pm!

Hey all, as MGC grows closer and closer, at the WGA we were talking more and more about our presence beyond just at the con. To extend our reach, we will be hosting a WGA after party following the hall closure on Saturday. MGC attendance is not required, and this may be an excellent way to meet some of the other devs, WGA members and other people from Madison.
The tentative details at this point are;
42 Ale House
Saturday, 4/14/2018
2000 hrs (8:00 pm)

Please +1 this post if you would like to attend as we are trying to get a general headcount.
More official details to come and feel free to reach out with questions.

Just heard from Albert again and MGC organizers are trying to get an estimate on how much power and floor space, so I need additional info from teams planning on attending. I should note that failure to get me this info by March 1st will result in being removed from the list.

The following are required;

1) Company/Team Name
2) Names of individuals attending
3) Name of project you are showing
4) Brief synopsis of project
5) Website for game (and studio if available)
6) Hardware you will be bringing
7) Minimum of 1 promotional item, e.g., screenshot, trailer, b-roll, promo image. (this will be used in the official MGC promotional materials so make it count!)

The following is desired but not requested;

1) Marketing materials e.g., postcards, posters, etc...
2) # of standing promotional materials with dimensions (if you do leave this blank, it will be assumed you will not be bringing any)
3) # of wall hangings, with dimensions (if you do leave this blank, it will be assumed you will not be bringing any)
4) A build for me to hand off to Albert to submit for approval (essentially the way of proving there is not any "too adult" material)

Again, the deadline for this is March 1st. Failure to provide the required data will result in your removal from the list! I cannot stress this enough.

For more information on the event go to:

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For anyone who has not seen this....
Asset Store Deals
Asset Store Deals

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SaberCSG goes FREE & OPEN-SOURCE!!/content/47418
Grab it now!
SabreCSG Level Design Tools
SabreCSG Level Design Tools
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