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SaberCSG goes FREE & OPEN-SOURCE!!/content/47418
Grab it now!

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Happy Fall Semester Everyone! As a reminder, if you have not done so yet, remember that you can sign up for Dreamspark to get access to all the fun Microsoft software and their partners software for free! Go there... DO IT.... DO IT NOW!!!!!

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MATC Mothership Discord Channel:

Please join asap!

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Independent Contractor Review
As the year comes to an end, we will be making our final pushes for the school year. Some people will part ways and some wont. However, in the spirit of a functional company, we will be doing a review on everyone individually. As such, I have made a fairly ...

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IndieDB Game Page
THE LONG WAIT IS OVER!!! I finally got things sorted out with the awesome team over at IndieDB and our page for our game is live. There were a bunch of things I needed to add to the page that, for a number of reasons I was not able to get in the amount of t...

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Who We Are
As we continue to gain steam and appear more and more in the public eye, it became more and more of a necessity to have a document that everyone could see that tells everyone who MBS is and what we are about in a clear and concise manner. This gave birth to...

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Actor/Likeness Consent
Given that we have been bringing on people who are not developers for support roles such as voice acting and public appearances, it became apparent to me that we would need a separate actor contract. Below you will find this exact contract, complete with bo...

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IP Ownership Assignment
I drafted up an Intellectual Property Assignment contract back at the beginning of Capstone due to the game idea that was voted on, not being my idea. Given that this is a true company, the need for the ownership and control of the IP to be under the compan...

Hey everyone.... The meeting on 05/17/2016 is HIGHLY important and as such, if you plan on continuing with Mothership, it is mandatory! Please contact Emil, Mike or myself about this if you have any questions, comments and/or concerns.
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