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I'm proud to announce the release of Timesketch version 2016.11 codename “Looper”. This release introduces new features such as advanced search, search templates and editable views.

Timesketch is an open source collaborative forensic timeline analysis tool. It uses full text search to give you insight into your timelines. You can search hundreds of millions of events across different timelines all at once. Share your findings using saved views and add meaning to your data with labels and comments. Bring life to your investigation with Timesketch Stories. Timesketch is build around collaboration, sharing and search.

Thanks to all who made this release possible. Your fixes and bug reports are critical for the success of the project!

#dfir #infosec

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Timesketch 2016.7 is here - one of the best digital forensic timeline analysis tools out there. Check it out! #dfir

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We are happy to announce a new version of Timesketch, the open source tool for collaborative timeline analysis intended for digital forensics and incident respons. Apart from bug fixes this version is packed with new features that will make your analysis more efficient and fun!

Timesketch just got a whole lot better. Version 2015.12 just got released and among the new features are:

* Charts and aggregation
* Hiding events from view
* Visualize time jumps
* Plaso tags as UI labels
* CSV importer
* Export the result of your queries and filters

See the blog post for more details.
#DFIR #forensics #incidentresponse

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We are looking for some good incident responders, preferably ones that can code and even better if they've got some Android experience. 

If you are interested, you can contact me directly, I can provide additional details, etc as well.!t=jo&jid=141415002&

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The Timesketch project is happy to announce a new release of Timesketch, version 2015.7 also know as "Journey to the Beginning of Time".

Notable new features:

* Context queries - Dig deeper into your data.
* Upload Plaso storage files and process!
* Select multiple events for annotation.
* Create timelines from JSON files.
* Easy install: pip install timesketch
* .. and lots of bug fixes.

Have fun!

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Kubernetes is really cool, just saying.

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I'm happy that one of my projects, Password Alert, has just launched! It's a Chrome Extension that detects phishing based on where you type your password. Please try it and let me know what you think:

The source code is here:
The blog post about it is here:
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Prices in Switzerland - today: Good T-Bone steak made from a Swiss bull grown up in Switzerland, slaughtered in Switzerland.

CHF 94 per kilogram - $99.

It has been delicious, sure, but raising an animal in acceptable conditions and to ensure that everybody - from the farmer down to the slaughterhouse employee - gets a decent salary, this is the result.
#Switzerland   #Costofliving  
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