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Hacker's Keyboard
A free 5-row Android keyboard with full PC key layout - this is the official Google+ page with development news and updates.
A free 5-row Android keyboard with full PC key layout - this is the official Google+ page with development news and updates.

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FYI, the project is slightly revived and I've merged some GitHub pull requests. The latest alpha release includes a fix for the frequently-complained-about "accidental Ctrl-A while typing destroys text" issue.

More here:

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A few housekeeping updates:

- the project isn't quite dead, just in maintenance mode due to lack of time. I've finally revived my build environment.

- yes, I'm aware that Google Code is shutting down. I'm going to move to github once I've made some progress triaging/closing bugs, since the issue tracker migration is clunky.

- there's a new Alpha testing track with a few minor updates and bugfixes, see for more information on getting test releases on Play Store.

Thanks for everyone's support!

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I've now updated the Play Store version of Hacker's Keyboard (v1.37). Thanks to everyone for their help with testing and contributions!

Release notes:

In case the new version isn't working for you, you can download previous releases here:

Play store link:

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It's been almost a year since the last update - life has been busy.

I've just uploaded a shiny new release candidate, v1.34rc12:

A major change is the frequently-requested removal of the scary RECORD_AUDIO and READ_CONTACTS permissions. Voice typing should still work, I've switched to a new library that uses built-in OS support for this where available. I've disabled the Contacts dictionary since it seems to provide little benefit, and it can consume a lot of memory for users with lots of contacts.

There's also a new Meta/Command/Windows key that should be helpful for remote desktop applications.

New layouts:
- "hu" (Hungarian, Magyar) contributed by Bognár András.
- "ta" (Tamil, தமிழ்) contributed by "Stars Soft".
- "my" (Burmese, ဗမာစာ) contributed by Aung Myo.
- "Español (Latinoamérica)" contributed by Miguel Farah

For more details, including bugfixes and tweaked layouts, see the changelog at the download link.

After a longer-than-expected development pause [1], I've started updating the keyboard again, primarily tackling some bugs and layout tweaks first. Thanks for your patience, and I appreciate the feedback and bug reports.

My plan is to publish the current release candidate on the Play Store first before breaking things again with more radical changes. If you want a preview, please try the latest version (currently v1.34rc9), and let me know here or via bug reports if there are any regressions or other problems with it. Here's the download page:

[1] My second daughter was born a month ago, she and her sister are conspiring to keep our family very busy...

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I've published v1.33 on the Play Store, this is essentially the same as v1.32rc7 from the project page. I'm back to coding now, and should have some new features and tweaks for testing in the near future.

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Thank you for everyone who had shared their enthusiasm for Hacker's Keyboard in Lifehacker's recent survey[1], especially +Lourdes C :-)

Yes, the project is still alive, though I've barely had time recently to work on it. My daughter is 1 year old now and keeping me plenty busy[2], and she hasn't been contributing much to the keyboard other than finding a bug[3] a few months back.

I do have some updates in development that need further work and testing, and in the meantime I plan to release the current 1,32rc7 as-is on the Play Store since it fixes some known bugs.

Please be patient in case I'm slow in responding, and remember to check the FAQ and linked documents on the project page[4] in case that helps with questions. Thank you!

[2] Nadia, Escape Artist
[5] I think Google+ needs footnote support.

Public service announcement: when reporting bugs, you'll have better results if you choose a communication channel where I can reply to you to ask for further details or provide a solution.

Android Market reviews saying "Es un asco no sirve para nsda" or similar won't help get your issue fixed, I have no idea what's wrong and no way to contact the author. I'm just one developer working on this in my spare time, I don't have a testing lab with hundreds of Android devices and testing staff.

While I'm busy ranting - a 1-star review saying "portugUese, learn to spell. illiterate retard." is sufficiently self-contained to help me fix the issue, but it is not the best way of keeping me motivated to work on further releases :-/

Thanks for listening, and now back to your regular scheduled programming.

Hacker's Keyboard v1.31 is now available on the Android Market, this is primarily a bugfix release with no notable new features. My intent was to get a stable version published with no major known bugs, so that I can start breaking things again with radical changes in the development branch :-)

Next up: build the low-permissions version as promised, and restart work on user-modifiable layouts. Hope I'll find more time than I had recently to work on it...

Release notes:

I've just released version 1.29 on the Android Market, corresponding to prerelease 1.28rc24. I couldn't fit the changes into the 500-character "what's new" field, the full release notes are here:

Please let me know if you find problems or regressions. Some features are still experimental, including the new compact 5-row layout, I didn't want to hold up the release with the additional invasive changes to get it fully integrated.

Market link: (there may be some delay before the new version is shown as being available.)

A big thank you for everyone who helped test and provide feedback!

I'll now resume working on the new layout mode configuration switching method. Instead of the "Input language selection" checkboxes, I want to provide a user-editable list of modes, where each mode defines a language, portrait mode layout, and landscape layout independently. For example, you could define two "English" modes, one with 4-row portrait/5-row compact layouts and one with 5-row compact/full 5-row. Or a mode using the German completion dictionary with a QWERTY keyboard.
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