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First big boy haircut!
So I have been cutting this kids hair since he was just a few months old but after the last fiasco I decided it was time to get it professionally cut!  I don't know why but his hair is just to hard for me!  It is so very straight anything you do looks crazy...

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God's Little Girls Pinning Ceremony
Annie had the best time in her God's Little Girls group this school year!  We met twice a month and had show and tell, devotions, crafts and lots of fun!  Since we are surrounded by boys it was super important to me to find a special place for her to get so...

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Schools out beach trip!
It is so hard to believe it had been 2 years since we had been to the beach till this trip!  With all the smelly seaweed problem Galveston had last year we didn't even go a single time.  Luckily the  beach was perfect this time around.  They were all so hap...

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Curly girly!
There is not much I love more than this girl with her rag curls in!  She is so patient and sleeps really well with them.  Maybe the only thing I love more is those curls bouncing around the next morning!  It makes me happy she loves to have fancy hair for s...

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Signor sleepy head!
So I really pride myself on making sure my kids get enough sleep.  I never have babies that just conk out in the middle of doing something.  Until baby #4 evidently!  Poor kid gets dragged around all over the place and never gets a good nap in.  He was snug...

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Ms. Pathetic!
Oh my goodness, isn't this just the most pathetic face ever?!  This little girl.  She just cannot seem to keep herself upright!  She was cruising along on her scooter and hit a rock or something.  I don't know what it was but I know the scooter stopped and ...

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So Owen is definitely not the smiliest baby ever. By a l ong shot.  So when we get a smile I just have to snap away!  We were outside sitting and watching the big kids play when he gifted me with these cutey faces.  Love it when he sticks that tongue out! A...

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Reiders tiny teeth!
This kid just did not want me to get a pic of those two tiny teeth!  All that crazy drooling this kid has been doing since almost birth finally came to fruition with these teeth!  This is maybe my favorite teeny tiny tight onesie.  Ohhh, I just wanna gobble...

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No green eggs!
She looks excited, right?  Well, excited and kind of a mess.  That hair!  This girl.  So I thought I would make her day and do something really fun with the classic Green Eggs and Ham.  I still remember my mom making me green eggs and ham when I was a littl...

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It is so much fun to have kids that are old enough to enjoy going to concerts with us!  And lucky for us they love the same music we do.  Well, I guess not lucky.  They pretty much only get to listen to what we allow so it seems pretty obvious we would all ...
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