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I just learned about this hashtag being a thing here. #wetshaving
My Merkur 180, Tweezerman Badger brush, and I are very happy. Hopefully we can get it trending soon.
Sound off if you love a single blade to cut hair off your skin.
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Bah, I prefer electric shavers. Most probably because I'm a clumsy bastard and would take off half my face with a razor.
It's surprisingly hard to do that. They don't call them safety razors for nothing. Sure, there will be nicks, but it's worth it when you see the difference in what it does to the hairs.
I like to keep stubble on my chin, but completely shave any signs of a moustache. Yours probably works better for a close shave, but this does the trick for me :D

Faster and less messy too :3
You can also leave stubble if you want, but I have to say, once you get a real BBS (baby's butt smooth, an industry term, no joke) shave, you stop wanting stubble.

EDIT : Be you a redditor, by chance?
At least look around there a little before you decide to completely push it aside.
I won't completely push it aside. I'll probably give it a go at some point, this just works for me now :3
Dana is a Redditor? TIL.
Also, SR is where it's at.
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