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What can Envy teach you?
'Whatever emotion you pick, it will be the right one,' the workshop tutor announced as I dipped my hand into a plastic to fish out a tiny piece of paper. Each described an emotion that we would have to weave into a poem as a writing exercise in class.  Jeal...

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Thoughts on the UK Referendum
It feels as though life in the UK, or indeed Europe, will never be the same again, since that fateful date of June 23, 2016. Since that day, I have been asked several times by my fellow Latvian nationals and people in the UK on how I feel about living in th...

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#dzeja 'Labestība'
Man nepieder nekas un no tā man pietiek visam kam. Un, ja būtu vairāk, tad varbūt nepietiktu nekam. Jūra met melnus mutuļus, pirms rāmi vēji apņem to un padara par spoguli. Sauc, sauc par spīti vējam savu likteni nepārtrauc, bet sauc! Atvadies no visa un sp...

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Path to #enlightenment - step 6 of 10000000........'Healing'
When I left my busy full-time job some months ago, I thought I did it in order to have more time for writing and going freelance. But now - six months later - it's finally hit me. It wasn't at all about writing. It was always about HEALING. What do I mean b...

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Path to #enlightenment - step 5 of 10000000........ 'Being a spiritual hobo'
My friends have often applied the term ‘hobo’ when
describing my musical tastes – if I like the sound of something, I will listen
to it, despite what genre it comes under, just like a hobo wonders from one
place to the next, never settling. I like the epic ...

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Path to #enlightenment - step 4 of 10000000........ 'Impermanence and Happiness'
For a while I've been trying to balance my curiosity at finding more about enlightenment with the fear of losing a sense of a meaning and a purpose, if I do accidentally stumble upon 'the ultimate truth of all there is'. Like Steven Norquist has said in his...

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BalticSeaTreasures - open for business @Etsy #happy
As someone with no experience in sales whatsoever, trying to sell someone else's art is surely going to be a steep learning curve. But I intend to supplement my inexperience with inexhaustible supply of passion for promoting all talented and creative indivi...

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Flash fiction for your #commute!
The Path, she realised, The Path of the Universe, was the same as the path of each human being. If it was a moderate, just and righteous path, then the Universe would uncover it   before her. If, however, the Path was dark and full of fears and doubts about...

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Path to #enlightenment - step 3 of 10000000........ 'De-cluttering Emotions'
Following a request from a reader after my previous blog post (how exciting!) I am continuing with the theme of de-cluttering your emotions. But first - why do it? Why delve into the past, why waste time ripping open all wounds? Why not just forget the past...

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Simple Pleasures
Finally indulged in something I haven't been able to do for a while. And - since Youtube was playing David Bowie's songs in memoriam the whole time, let this piece be humbly dedicated to him... Chalk pastels Original photo - Latvian skies
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