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Generating Resources Part 1
Hey guys.   Hope all
your quests have been successful this week.   So let’s say you are a new player.   Just picked up one core set.   And
you love the game.   You want to get more
into it.   But you are overwhelmed.   5 years of releases can be really

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The World Has Changed.....
Welcome to the third age!   Of this blog.   Originally this
blog started out dedicated only to Android Netrunner.   But I have since stopped playing that game so
I turned it into a general gaming blog.   Now that age has ended as well and as you can surmise...

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A New Gaming Day
A gaming blog!?  Yes, Netrunner will be included of course.  But now it is a general gaming blog.  If you are a gaming geek this is the place for you.  Enjoy the all new Green Level Clearance!

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Logging Off
Well guys, it's been a good run.  We have read some strategy articles and we have watched a ton of great videos.  But I find myself at the end of my Netrunner career.  The game is fantastic.  And with awesome resources like , the community is al...
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