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I received an amazing phone call today, not only because today is a Sunday, but also because I was called so late in the day. My credit card company told me that I was very close to maxing out on my card and that they were immediately increasing my credit limit and thanked me for using their services. I can't help think that this is a very American thing to have happen.

I'd like to thank Dani who I recently went shopping with. If you ever have the chance to - defiantly go shop with this Brazilian powerhouse :)

I'm positive there are salesmen and saleswomen out there who are able to put their kids through college thanks to this sort of shopping. Before I was only able to charge a round-trip coach ticket to South America. Now thanks to increased use, my credit limit is high enough to charter a couple of private jets to fly around the world a few times!

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The Official Airlines of Comic Con 2011. There hasn't been a lot of news about this show, but the plane they brought looks amazing.

I've made my San Diego room reservations for Comic Con 2012. This event is getting ridiculously hard to get to. I remember my first Con when anyone could just walk in the day of.
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