Rockwell Thanksgiving passé?  Et tu Black Friday?

With all the focus and concern on eliminating stress and obesity, how does having Thanksgiving Dinner with family on Black Thriday help? Isn't that at least as stressful as playing Bingo using a card having no Free Space?

Will * #BlackThriday * trend? Or will * #Thanksgiving * keep its traditional edge. Airports indicate that Thanksgiving has a staunch following - large numbers of people are willing to subject themselves to expensive indignities and discomfort in order to get "home" to family and loved ones. Highways are less clear indicators unless retail parking lot car counts offset traffic numbers.

What would be the effect on retail of being Thankful on a day in September? Or even once each month on the 2nd Thursday of the month? Turkey might be less often the entrée of choice along with other menu modifications.  

I cherish the Free Space in life called Thanksgiving Day and only harvest gifts -- simply or elaborately prepared and share in intimate gathering of family, friends, and loved ones. I want that for everyone wherever they find themselves, whatever their circumstances. Hangout gatherings online to share gratitude and meal fit perfectly.  It is the unadulterated Spirit of Thankfulness of our annual Free Space that is its central attribute.

For the nostalgic hearts, a family outing IRL or virtual-visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum   http://goo.gl/EYgOK

Happy Thanks Giving to each of you. Thank you for including me in your G+ world. May any losses you may have suffered be restored in ways that truly satisfy your heart. You are loved!

+Carolyn St.Charles


BTW,  *Black Thriday*  is my creative coinage so claimed after searching for it with no results to indicate a prior usage. But it is, in fact, this year's gift from big boxes. And from reports, hosting us at their "BYO$ Party" has required much special training and preparation. Wonder what Sam would say???

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