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Carolyn St.Charles
...serving mankind as a Christian Science Practitioner... bearing witness to Divine Love meeting every human need
...serving mankind as a Christian Science Practitioner... bearing witness to Divine Love meeting every human need

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While prayerfully considering Christian Science Reading Rooms and their varied visitors, one citation stood out to me in the June 17 CSBL:

I, even I, will both
search my sheep, and
seek them out. I will
feed my flock, and I will
cause them to lie down, saith the Lord God. And I will
make them and the places round about my hill
a blessing; ~(26) Ezekiel 34:11.15


I, even I,... (Principle, Mind)
search my sheep... (survey, discern)
seek them out... (reach out, invite)
feed my flock... (nurture, teach)
cause them to lie down... (safe, protected)
make them... (order, render )
a blessing; (holy, gift)

My response:

Reading Room or Sheepfold?

A Reading Room is
like a sheepfold with
Christ, the Shepherd,
faithfully at its door
washing, loving, healing
each sheep that enters.

The Attendant
is first to enter
is first to find
the Shepherd
with rod and staff,
feeding His flock,
maintaining His fold,
guarding, guiding
thru day and night.

Fear not, dear one,
attend to the work
that is yours to do.

Attend with JOY!

~Carolyn StCharles

#ChristianScience #ReadingRoom #Christ   #Shepherd   #Attendant   #Safe   #Healing   #Prayer   #Hospitality   #Inspiration   #Stranger   #Welcome  
Reading Room or Sheepfold?
Reading Room or Sheepfold?
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No mere words --

I pondered...
what is a father?
what is a dad?

it seems...
a father is a fact
a dad is an experience

a dad cannot wait
a dad lives self-sacrifice
a dad reflects Love in loving

a dad is crazy for his "kid"
a dad forgets all to run to him
before he can see him

@stcharlescs ©2018


"I will be with you every minute of the day"
cpr news report with audio

Man unceasingly prays -- ​
​ ​God unceasingly blesses

​ ​-C

#FathersDay #Father #Dad #Son #Prodigal #homeless #addiction #Love #TruthBits #SanDiego #Denver #trueManhood #PastorJerryHerships #denversroadhome #McNicholsCivicCenter #AndreaDukakis

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Challenged to use the phrase "now or never," I thought of sky-diving and had this photo taken some time ago. It seemed made for the lines that came "out of the blue"

Hope you enjoy!

#poetry #nowornever #skydiving #gravity #dawn #sky
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If on holiday
I choose
not to choose,
and a waiter asks:
I answer
yes. Please!


#fieryverse #vss #Poetry #nonsense
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TruthBits - ever full of SAP and GREEN

spring swings eternal!
so, fearlessly enjoy
this playground
called #Life !

+Carolyn St.Charles 
and +Prayerful Living
TruthBits - ever full of SAP and GREEN
TruthBits - ever full of SAP and GREEN
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New #micropoetry on photo for @stcharlescs is new1

The united step of the couple intrigued me and I captured it! They continued on their way still in sync


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Fellow +SacredSunday members,

You are warmly invited to hear a reading of the Sermon on the mount WITHOUT comment via teleconference at 6:15pm PT today.

It is the first of weekly Sunday readings facilitated by this member of the San Juan Capistrano branch of the Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston.

Please see my post for flyer image and details

Have a peaceful rest of your Sunday or start of Monday!

+Carolyn St.Charles
This is SUNDAY and this is for YOU!!

You are invited to hear the Sermon on the Mount read live without comment each Sunday at 6:15pm PT via teleconference. Please see flyer image below.

The Sermon has been called the Diamond Sermon because it speaks to the human condition and excludes no one.

Hearing the Sermon read by ordinary people without comment will afford anyone of any faith tradition or "none" an opportunity to let its timeless wisdom touch reason and heart in a personal, private way .

Tonight the Sermon will be read from the King James Version of the Bible. Future readings will be by other volunteer readers reading from one of over 50 versions available online.

Our world needs the healing power of spiritual unity. Please add your hearing ear tonight.


+Carolyn St.Charles

NOTE: Depending on interest, a G+ hangout reading can be added..


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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

NO, the heavens and the stars
are not green no matter what
an Irishman may tell you. You
may be talking to a Leprechaun!

#green #StPatsDay #snakefreeday
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Syrian war is 5 years old. Families are shredded but the human spirit still lives and breathes. Children give reason for their parent(s) and family members to continue the struggle.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote this about Thanksgiving 1899: "that love, unselfed, knocks more loudly than ever before at the heart of humanity and that it finds admittance" (1)

We must ask if unselfed love of neighbor knocks and finds admittance to human hearts today. Refugees throughout the world await the answer.


in the sea of tents
a fleeing refugee
struggles to survive
bone-dry blowing
dust-laden winds
once hot, now cold
and all the while
on broken ground

her children play
as children do…

~Carolyn St.Charles ©2016

#poetry #refugees #Turkey #mother #children #war #hope
Location: Refugee Camp at Kfar Zabad, Turkey
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