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Reviewing the best of everything!
Reviewing the best of everything!


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Brand Changing Day
Overview      A book I'd define as surrealist fiction starts out a bit well different. Still the author takes you on a mellow journey that is as deep as I've read so far. The book follows a restaurant chain that goes on a brand change that somehow deeply ef...

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The Lead Cloak
Overview     Erik Hanberg's science fiction read may not be a quick read, bit its a highly enjoyable one that kept me up till 3am to finish it. What makes a book that good? Well it starts off very intriguing with a good backstory to finish very climatic, un...

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Broken Allegiance
Overview        Mark Young's latest detective crime novel features an aging cop Tom Kagan who is trying to stop a Mexican prison gang leader who has gone rogue in a fast paced thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end, forcing you to...

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The Editor's Choice Awards 2013
Well in this Christmas season I'd like to spread some holiday cheer by presenting the first annual Book N Tech Editor's Choice Awards! In this post I'll show you the covers, title, and short blurb of the books I've chosen in their respective categories and ...

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Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot
       Well I recently got a Windows 8.1 Asus T100 tabtop and aside from the keyboard dock suddenly dying I really like it... along with everyone else I've shown it to. They all say, "oohhh Windows tablet" and refer to the commercials or the Microsoft Surfa...

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Iron Mountain review
Overview      Remember the amazing Flotilla the novel I reviewed by independent author Daniel Haight? Well he's back with his latest installment in the Flotilla series featuring teen hero Jim Westerfield running all over the California coast from racist mil...

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Book N Tech Black Friday party
  Do you like to party? Do you enjoy music from ALL genres except screamo? Hate shopping?        Well here at Book N Tech we are throwing a virtual dance party over at! Thanks to some friends I was told about the awesome virtual party site whic...

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The Son's of Cain
                                      Overview I never knew that there was a healthy number of thrillers all based on a group of guys with a lot of power doing a whole lot of bad over a long period of time. This particular story has a reporter gone hero ban...

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The Last of the Titans
Overview      After the suspicious death of his family, former Air Force Captain Kirk Cule discovers hidden journals and the covert world of his father; a good man drawn into a power struggle that could lead to worldwide nuclear annihilation. Kirk enters th...

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Against Her Will
Overview       A dramatic book set in London about a gorgeous young lady who encounters one of the worst things ever: rape. She is raped and has a weird time trying to get over it (kinda hard to relate to as a man and even jumping over gender barriers still...
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