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Travis Bowman
Sixth generation descendant of RevWar hero Peter Francisco. Father. Husband. Author. Film Producer.
Sixth generation descendant of RevWar hero Peter Francisco. Father. Husband. Author. Film Producer.

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In honor of Flag Day, the history of the Pledge of Allegiance and a little background on why I do what I do ...

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Distributed a press release today about my upcoming trip to the Azores. Check it out and feel free to share!

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I'm proud to announce a major overhaul to my website for Hercules is finished. You can listen to my interviews on nationally syndicated radio programs, see my brief appearance on NBC Charlotte, and read some of the newspapers that I've been in. This is the most complete website with monuments, museums, historic markers, and other documents about Peter Francisco. Check it out!

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Happy Belated New Year to all! Sorry I've been out of touch. Hope everyone is doing well. Just posted some photos to Facebook from the Veterans Day ceremony at Shockoe Hill Cemetery where the VA SAR and SDPF unveiled a new plaque at the base of Peter's grave.

Hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving! We've been spending the last few days with my family near Baltimore, and it has reminded me how incredibly thankful I am for God's grace in my life (starting with the cross), for the Godly parents he's given me, for an amazing wife and 2 wonderful boys, for the blessing of growing up in a free country, and for the men and women who have fought and died to keep it free.

Hanging out with my dad at the VT vs UNC game. Look for us on ESPN! I'm the one with the 6' broadsword.

Don't let this be just another holiday. Honor their sacrifice! Happy Veterans Day!

After multiple discussions with the Portuguese Embassy, I am honored
to bring Peter Francisco to life for a private luncheon with the First Lady of
Portugal and other dignitaries at Mount Vernon tomorrow. I will be giving Mrs. Cavaco Silva the first revised copy of Hercules of the Revolution, which I've been working on for the past year. The new edition contains an additional 30,000 words (~100 pages)! Hopefully, this will set up the perfect PR opportunity to hand deliver my book to the President of Portugal when it's translated into Portuguese next year. My agent and I are still in discussions and hope to sign something soon.

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Just posted new blog recapping my appearance in Xenia, Ohio, where it was my honor to speak to a group of America's finest!

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I was on NBC's Charlotte Today yesterday morning with Chef Marti, owner of the Inn at the Patriots. Marti asked me to come in since I'll be performing/signing books at the upcoming Pumpkin Festival this weekend. If you watch the clip, I don't come on the set until 4:45 into the segment, but the host gave me a minute to plug Peter Francisco. Good shtuff!
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