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So sad to here that Bill Paxton has passed on. He was great in practically every role he played. 

Final official 7.0 pushed to T Mobile users that were enrolled in the beta program.

Sad news for a member of my wife's family. After fleeing Iraq and immigrating to this country 5 years ago with her son, primarily to escape the threat of ISIS (they are Christians), she hoped to be reunited with her husband, who is stuck in Jordan. Now it looks like he may never get here, thanks to President Trump's new immigration policy. I understand that this policy could keep terrorists out, but surely the law can be more selective for people with potentially "extreme" tendencies. Furthermore, she and her son had to cancel their upcoming trip to Jordan, for fear of not getting back into the USA. I can't imagine not seeing my sons for 5 years and counting, that sounds like a living hell.

Beta 5 early impressions: battery not so good, despite a cache wipe. Beta 4 battery was way better early on and thereafter.

Beta 4 ZPLH: which themes are confirmed working? Most "previous" themes do not work.
Please chime in, thanks.

Looking forward to Beta 4...

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So much garbage to read, so little time... Did you know that the iPhone 7 has a 4k display?

This is a quote from some article that showed up on my Google Now feed, supposedly written to speculate about the future OnePlus 4 while also reporting on the OnePlus 3:

"What impresses more in the OnePlus 4 is the fact that it will also feature a 4K display just like in the latest iPhones. The only issue is that Apple's iPhone 7 which is already halfway in the market, already has 4K resolutions and 3D capabilities, something that OnePlus is struggling to keep up with in their OnePlus 3."

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