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Been a while, but thought I'd share results from turning a MacBook AIR 13, circa 2014 into a Chromebook with Cloud Ready. Not bad. 

Anyone see beta move to version 53 yet? There was an announcement on the Google Chrome blog yesterday about a new beta platform version, but I've tried two devices and neither see it yet.

Anyone know of another Skylake Chromebook besides the Lenovo business one? Not that it's a bad looking system (at least when loaded up to over $800), but it's still no Pixel. 

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Dear   please build a standalone Bluetooth version of the great Pixel keyboard/trackpad for Chromebox owners. Quality Chrome keyboards are severely lacking and Windows keyboards aren't optimal for those of us who have retrained our hands for Chrome key placement and shortcuts. 

Curious why the Pixel didn't get today's v42 beta update. Any clues?

Haven't been here in a while but still a Chromie. Anyway, since it looks like the Pixel was a one off and no other vendor is stepping forward with a premium Chromebook a thought crossed my mind. Would it be possible to turn something like the Surface Pro into a Chromebook by booting into Chromium? A better option would be a Google supported solution of a USB stick that would actually nuke the boot loader, install Chrome OS and turn Surface into an actual Chromebook. Just thinking out loud. 

It's been a while since I've posted here, but after not using my Chromebook heavily for a while, I recently took it on a short trip and realized one of my recurring frustrations with Chrome OS: the keyboard shortcuts. I am an old emacs user and my muscle memory is trained to navigate text and the cursor with emacs keybindings. Which is one of the things I love about OS X, it uses the same ones. I want the same thing in Chrome.

I've tried a few of the emacs extensions in the store, but they don't seem to work. Does anyone know how to get emacs bindings like ctl-n, ctl-b, etc. to work in Chrome wherever there's a text box; e.g. Address bar, text apps like Evernote, Google Docs, etc. Text entry drove me crazy on this trip, especially note taking during lectures and presentations where I needed to be fast and efficient. Thanks for any tips!

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My IW Report on cloud convergence and multi-cloud. Heterogeneous hybrid clouds are the future and these cloud standards are paving the way.

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My latest IW Report on Govt. Clouds: Advice for CIOs and other IT execs drawn from enterprise experience. Hybrid is the core strategy, but plenty of data-driven recommendations.

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Box IPO illustrates the unsustainability of standalone cloud file sharing services. Will any survive? Doubtful. My analysis.
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