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Author and Animal Advocate

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"It is not up to you WHAT you learn. It is merely up to you whether you learn through joy or pain."

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Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd share the link below in case anyone wanted to keep up with the animal related articles I've been publishing....

Don't forget to comment on petpardons below the article and let me know your views & opinions! :o)

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Check out my very first article on PetPardons. Don't forget to leave your comments on the site. :o)

What's one of your least favorite parts of writing a new story?

Have you ever gotten a bad review on any of your written work? How do you react to a bad review?

How much impact does your childhood have on your writing?

I will be revitalizing my old writing blog shortly. As you can see I had stopped posting almost two months ago (as paying work picked up and I had less time to devote to blogging), but it does have links to many of my articles so I thought I would share it as a starting point.
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