I really like the snap to top element on the official Google blog. Scroll down slowly to watch the "Google | Official Blog" snap into the grey bar, then snap again to the top of the window.

I've extracted a similar effect from Twitter bootstrap's documentation (http://goo.gl/jMtly), which is called "subnav". It's currently not part of the released Bootstrap, but is used on their docs and should be included as part of 2.1 per issue 1189 (http://goo.gl/W8fK3)). I like how it is used with ScrollSpy to give nice page navigation. Sadly, it doesn't work with IE7 or IE8, but I'm going to look into other implementations I've seen to see if they work any better if legacy browsers (http://lesscss.org/ and http://ender.no.de/ come to mind).

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