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Salim Fadhley
Work avoider, doodler, raconteur, adventurer (of the mind).
Work avoider, doodler, raconteur, adventurer (of the mind).

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You'd do the same if this guy popped up on your timeline! 

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I can see why some people get offended by the confederate flag, yes it has an awful history but don't they fly this flag ALL THE FREAKING TIME in the south?

I mean, if you are going to get upset about a bunch of tea-partiers flying their flag outside the white-house, shouldn't you be upset about the hours millions of confederate flags that get flown just about everywhere south of the country?

Even more bizarre, one one tea party blogger claimed that the flag was put there by liberals... and none of the tea-party Republicans seemed to mind. :-)

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What does the inside of BBC's iconic Television Centre look like? +Rory Cellan-Jones reveals that it's pretty much like any other big office building except with the odd control room and recording studio adjacent to what look like very normal open-plan office spaces. Judging by the audio this was recorded a few days after the 2000 Presidential Election.
Here's a little video I made on my last full day at BBC TV Centre - it's a quick tour of the news operation accompanies by the ghosts of news bulletins past....

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Hey +2000 AD ... you have no excuses left!
Now, you can get all your favorite magazines instantly to your Android tablet or phone in the UK. You can chose to pick up a single issue or subscribe to your favorite magazines such as Glamour, Hello!, Men’s Fitness and Total Film. There are now over a hundred of the UK’s favorite magazines in the cloud that you can read anywhere, anytime on any Google Play device. Read more about it here:

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I just bought another Humble Bundle for Android. 
Set your sights on this mobile bundle!  Get six incredible games with the Humble Bundle for Android 4 (and Mac and Windows and Linux)!  Pay what you want for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Eufloria, Splice, and Waking Mars!

If you pay more than the average, you also get Machinarium!  And all the games come with soundtracks!  Check out the site for more details!

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Salim Fadhley hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>

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Microsoft's next big app is an Android exclusive. It seems that even Microsoft is backing away from WP7.

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This game looks a bit like Pitfall on the old Atari systems but plays a bit like Nyan Cat Advanture. What's not to like...
BIT.TRIP RUNNER has just landed in the Ubuntu Software Center - see the video at BIT.TRIP RUNNER - it is $9.99 and an awesome game - go to and click the Orange button!

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Laptop stickers are stupid.

I'm setting up a Samsung Windows laptop for my son, and, as I have done dozens of times before, I'm spending 10 or 15 minutes removing the stickers that Microsoft and Intel require their OEM partners to blight their hardware with.

These stickers are stupid.

Samsung and other companies actually design and build some really good-looking hardware. But then these garish, ugly, sloppily applied, visually annoying stickers are right there destroying the aesthetic of the hardware, and killing the out-of-box experience.

I know, it's a small thing. But it's also a symbolic thing.

As a consumer, the stickers tell me that the coalition of companies that contributed to the product are incapable of working together even on small details to improve my user experience. It tells me they have no respect for their own product. It tells me they don't appreciate aesthetics. It tells me they're stupid.

The strangest thing about it is that the stupidity exists solely to tell me exactly who is so stupid.

OK, so Intel: You're stupid. And Microsoft: You're stupid. It says so, right there on my laptop.

Apple is trying to take over the market in large measure through aesthetically pleasing hardware and great out-of-box experience, and you're too stupid to even do the simplest and cheapest thing imaginable to compete in these areas.


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