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Tim Tebow

In honor of the Tim Tebow trade to the Jets, figured I would finally post this shot I got of him during his visit to D1 Tampa, the gym he's a co-owner of, on March 10.

Lighting Details - Elinchrom Ranger Quadra with two heads... 39" softbox up front, reflector with a 20-degree grid for the edge light.
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Sweet shot Brad. Good pic by a great photog of a great player.
Nice work!! feel good lighting!
Just love it. Thanks for sharing and I feel bad for Tebow. New York will be tough for him.
Thanks for sharing. He will be missed. I was kind of hoping he would stay!
Great person, I wish him the best. Excellent shot Brad!
where'd you learn to do that? hahaha... just kidding man, great shot.
Thanks for all the kind words and +1s everyone!
great shot. i'm sad we're losing him, but I know he'll be a blessing to all those he meets.
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