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Wtf ward is the new mayweather ducking an picking his fights aside from stepping to kovalav hes being a pussy

"An they say its the white man i should fear but uts my own kind doing all the killing here"

"I'm up 24 hours no shit shave or shower until I get money back I gotta get my money up"

"All I wanted was a cheese Burger... an a lil chain tucked ...didnt realize this game fucked...up some lives oh how's conscience eats it up all the time but ...other then that I'm fine"

"Why have somebody lying with me every night if they just gon be lying to me every night"

"It's a war goin on in the streets every minute an you ain't gotta walk outside to step in it"

"Don't tell me what Ppl say about me , tell me why they feel comfortable telling you"

"Sex with you is Like I made the last shot an everybody screaming mY name.. sex with you is like my pockets full of dough an I aint worried bout a damn thing"

"I'm from were your hustle determines your salary"

"I greet the father on my knees with a bowed head an a humbled heart my conversation is have mercy on me please"
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