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Mike Putman- President of Rovia
Product Update
1-2 Punch
1. Book a DreamTrip
2. Tell your friends and family about the trip
Further strengthen our product and membership by better accommodating members who complete surveys
NOMINATED FOR A WORLD TRAVEL AWARD!!!!! Everyone needs to Go Vote at www.worldtravelawards.com in the "North America" region
TGIM- Thank Goodness it's Monday!!! Every Monday there is a "Dream Deal" where there is an incredible below wholesale priced deal. EVERY MONDAY there will be an incredible deal global offering vacation offered through travel vouchers so your travel dates are flexible!!!! THANK YOU ROVIA!!!!
First Monday of the month will be $99, second Monday will be $199, 3rd Monday will be $99 and the last Monday is the $69 cruise or a $199 8 day cruise.
There's also a new upgraded version of the Rovia booking engine. "Rovia 2.0"!!!
Rate Shrinker
31 low cost carriers from all over the world
local ticketing credentials in 50 countries (local in country pricing)
American Airlines DreamTrip savings of 5% to travel to your already booked DreamTrip.

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