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Runner, Technophile, Bibliophile, Fundraiser.
Runner, Technophile, Bibliophile, Fundraiser.


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very nice.
Setting up Google+ so it feeds Twitter & Facebook to compare engagement & interactions.

To create a feed of Google+ posts, go to

Add the Google+ user number at the end of this URL for their profile feed. Like this:

Thank you +Russell Beattie for the tip!
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this doesn't include people like +Carol D. Toro. :)

OK, this was fun to put together -- love how active the Googlers are on this platform! Please feel free to add anyone I missed and share this. Circle the ones that most interest you based on what they do, or circle them all as I did :)

+Sergey Brin
+Larry Page

VPs/Senior VPs
+Vic Gundotra (Engineering)
+Bradley Horowitz (Product Management)
+Jeff Huber (Commerce & Local)
+Marissa Mayer (Local, Maps & Location Services)

Community Managers
+Brian Rose
+Toby Stein
+Natalie Villalobos

Product Managers
+Anish Acharya (Google+ Mobile)
+Shimrit Ben-Yair
+Frances Haugen (Google+ Profiles)
+Caroline McCarthy (Marketing)
+Jonathan McPhie
+Joe Rideout
+Punit Soni (Google+ Mobile)

Engineering Directors/Managers
+Chee Chew
+Dave Besbris
+Chris Millikin

Software Engineers
+Eric W. Barndollar (Google+)
+Andrew Bunner (Google+)
+David Byttow
+Eric Cattell (Social Graph Tech Lead)
+John Costigan (Google Profiles)
+Matt Cutts (Webspam)
+Pavan Desikan (Google+/Gmail)
+Kelly Ellis
+Trey Harris (Site Reliability)
+Griff Hazen
+Andy Hertzfeld
+Matt Keoshkerian
+Todd Knight
+Jean-Christophe Lilot
+Lan Liu
+Vincent Mo (Google+ Photos)
+Dobromir Montauk (Google+ Infrastructure)
+Stephen Ng (Gmail)
+Owen Prater
+Joseph Smarr (Technical)
+Martin Strauss
+Na Tang
+Yonatan Zunger (Social)

Consumer Operations Manager
+Michael Hermeston (Google+ Support)

Developer Advocates
+Chris Chabot (Developer Relations)
+Timothy Jordan

+Brett Lider (Product/User Experience)
+Jonathan Terleski (Google+)
+Charles Warren (User Experience Lead, Google Social)

Program Managers
+Julian Harris (Technical)
+Adam Lasnik (Google Map Maker)

Tech Lead Manager
+Natalie Glance (Google Shopping)
Test Engineer
+Erick Fejta (Tester for Google Storage)

Account Executive
+Dave Miller (Local & Education)

President, Enterprise
+Dave Girouard (Cloud Apps)
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Just made an appointment with Best Friends Grooming based on +Carol D. Toro's recommendation. Let's hope Scrappy likes it!
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The best thing about working last phone shift here on a holiday weekend is the free ice cream! :D
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LOL thanks +Carol D. Toro
How to troll friends and family using Google+
Step 1) Randomly divide everyone you know into two separate circles.
Step 2) Post to circle 1 that you just got an awesome new job.
Step 3) Post to circle 2 that you just contracted some disease.
Step 4) Post to your extended circles that "Tomorrow is my last day".
Step 5) Watch resulting comment battle between the two groups.
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+Jacob Matthews has +1'ed the Chicago Google office.
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G+ apparently doesn't like my IE browser. It keeps telling me line 67 has an invalid arguement.
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I'd like to be able to exclude specific circles from my general stream...
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