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PAGAN KNOW YOURSELF is a book to help you deepen your understanding of yourself, your gods, and your everyday spiritual path. FREE at until Thursday 10/2.
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Ro Longstreet

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There are many reasons why you might need a portable Wiccan or pagan altar and many ways to create one.
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I study the northern European pagan traditions.
Over the years, I have studied Vodou, Zen Buddhism, and shamanism, but it is in the northern European traditions of Wicca and Germanic paganism where I feel most at home. I am the editor of the Wicca site at
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Witchcraft Using Poppet Magic

Poppet magic is witchcraft that focuses on a small doll known as a poppet, which represents the object on which you are casting your spell.

Finding Your Patron God or Goddess

Finding your patron god or goddess can be a mysterious and deeply personal process. Not every Wiccan does it, but many do because Wicca is a