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Paul C. (electech13)

Hey Jorge
Back after not being around or checking app for a while.
No new app updates yet?
And apparently still the 30 day update requirement..?

Any updates coming soon? Change to 90 day repost bug/30 day thing or app reviewers, etc?

Adding whatever I can find that fits into that tight update window restriction. Unfortunately, most I wouldn't normally do because they're just "apps".

I really hope you amend that rule soon.

Can you please explain again why you chose "updated within 30 days"? The reason I saw before didn't seem to require something this short

Just a thought (or suggestion) but don't you think that "only apps updated in past 30 days" is a bit aggressive? There are hundreds if not thousands of good apps that either have already been updated a ton and are at a point where maybe they doesn't need regular fixes or just flat out only get updated every few months to begin with.

I think you're leaving out far too many good apps/dev's just by doing this... Not every app needs updating this frequently..

Maybe 3 or 6 months? .. Or make either a note within the post or a separate category? But flat out omitting any sharing for the thousands of awesome apps that simply haven't been updated in the past 30 days is unfortunate to say the least.

So five days from "first login" to share apps right? I installed the app couple weeks ago and started voting jun1 but setup account last week.. I thought it has been 5 days but maybe not yet.. I assume there is no stat in profile that states "App Hunt user since xx"?

I've been trying the beta opt in and Tesla unread opt in since yesterday. Pages aren't working. Pulled down for now?

So will this app actually allow for faster shutter then the pathetic slow max default on Note 4 (Snapdragon) running stock kk?
I found a few pages stating yes but have yet to see it or find way to manually set somehow.
Can someone confirm if it does allow for this?
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