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Cristina Sánchez
I broke my record for most consecutive days lived.
I broke my record for most consecutive days lived.

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Today, in Spain, we all go back to work after the Christmas holidays. And, not only that, today is my birthday. I'm 24 today (what?!) and I can't help but write a post about something I've been reflecting on for a while now. Perhaps you find this is a stran...

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One day in London
I'm finally back from my weekend getaway in England. As a Spaniard, it's probably very weird that I'm utterly fascinated by the UK since I live in the Mediterranean - but England definitely has something special. As Christmas is my probably my favourite hol...

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Back for good
... Man.  My last post was in January and it has made me think a lot. My laptop was already acting up then and I was feeling very frustrated about it. It kept taking me ages to download things and load websites because my Internet was very slow. Somewhere i...

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72 hours in London
I hold the whole UK in a very special part of my heart. If you've been here for a while, you know I tasted England when I was in London a few years ago and then I fell in love with more regions during my ERASMUS experience in Sheffield. I travelled everywhe...

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Introducing Happiness Boutique
Happy New Year!... Three weeks later. And also hello again. My unannounced four month hiatus has come to an end. I never said I would go on a hiatus, but I needed one. I was working and studying at the same time and I felt like I couldn't deal with everythi...

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Makeup Revolution Pro Go Brush Set
I assume by now you know how much I love Makeup Revolution and their stuff but I was yet to try their famous brushes. The first time I tried to order these were out of stock (which is a good sign, hey!) and one night I was randomly scrolling their online st...

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What's inside my iPhone 6?
Even though I loved my iPhone 4S and we've lived so many things together, it was time to give it a break and I got myself the iPhone 6 in silver. I'm a big Apple fan, not going to lie. I'm not doing for the pure aesthetics of the brand - which are beautiful...

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My 15 favourite feelings
I was on YouTube when I saw Charlie uploaded a new video . He's one of my favourite youtubers and probably the first one I subscribed to - along with PewDiePie. To be honest, I'm not quite sure who came first in my subscription box but you get the idea. Cha...

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Hard Day? Say no more!
My biggest beauty obsession is pretty eyeshadow palettes and even though the universe is big, there is one thing that I'm certain about: Makeup Revolution makes the prettiest eyeshadow palettes. Ever. When I picked Hard Day, I wasn't expecting to buy anythi...

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My favourite fonts
Ever wanted to download those lovely fonts people use? I'm always on / Pinterest checking for cute and clean fonts and today I've decided to share some of them with you. The inspiration with the names comes from some of my favourite cities in the...
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