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Nykki B
Family doctor, mother, writer, gamer, geek. A little bit of everything these days.
Family doctor, mother, writer, gamer, geek. A little bit of everything these days.

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Finishing up my Gen Con photo cleanup and thought I'd post a few GoD shots, including our Fearless Leader.

Had a great time!
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Good times y'all. 

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We are starting young with "Where's My Cow." So far requested 4 times today by the middle child. 

OK, so after watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit again I'm committing myself to doing a ToonPoint offering for Who'sYerCon kids' corner.  

...Now I just have to reskin the skills and redo the questions and refrain from using the phrase "fuck you" in my explanation. I am thinking "No Way" sounds about right for the 8-15 year old group.

Current thoughts: 
KILL becomes KAPOW ("shaken up" and "stars and birdies")
COOL stays the same, I think?
CON becomes FIB ("misled" and "taken in")
TAKE stays the same, I think?
DIG becomes SPY (still working on these)
TERROR becomes AMUSE ("giggle fits" and "on the floor")

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In case you weren't on the other thread : I'm willing to run a Hollowpoint demo game via Hangouts or other Internet option.  If anyone's interested here's a doodle for scheduling! 

Okay, as mentioned earlier I am willing to run a Hollowpoint game via Hangouts or some other appropriate medium.
I will need 2-4 players (I come with a +1 normally) and an agreeable block of 2-3 hours.
I am EST (GMT -4, on daylight savings time currently; that will change to GMT -5 sometime in October when the clocks do their magic thing). I am free every other Friday and most Saturdays after 8, most Saturdays and Sundays between 1 and 4, and Thursday afternoons.

Genre is open season, but I need consensus in advance. I can run the Disneyland Noir, Steampunk Western, Berlin 1988 skins without prep. I can run anything with at least a day's notice and player grace.

Who's interested and what times work? 

So I'm willing to run another Hollowpoint Hangout (and if someone can teach me to record it, I would do that).  My schedule is open during the day on Thursday 10/10 if there is interest from the GMT portion of this group, or other folks who have strange hours.

I could also do an evening Hangout on a Thursday or Friday night but timing for that is contingent on the small elephants going to bed on time. 

Any interest?

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I have room for a few more players -- I have 3 seats of a max of 5 taken.  Any interest? 
Come join me as we do a quick and bloody round of Hollowpoint!

This game will focus on mechanics and how to make the story awesome even when the dice hate you.   We'll run through some Conflicts, defeat the Commies, and make the world safe for democracy once more.  

Or maybe you'll all die trying.  

Table max is 5 players -- peanut gallery is unlimited as long as you don't interrupt the story. 

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 Costumes! Costumes everywhere!
GenCon Costumes 2013
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This is our tadpole.  My daughter rescued it from a puddle in southern Indiana.  It's actually about 2cm long at the moment, and seems to be enlarging rapidly (it's twice the size it was last week).  Anybody got a guess as to what kind of frog it's going to be?  
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