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NHC Gold Medal Recipes 2004-2014
I posted this on  and it well  received  so I thought I'd also post it here for posterity I spent the past few weeks compiling all of the
gold medal winning recipes that are posted on the AHA website from 2004-2014. I
put them ...

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IPA v. 4.0
IPA Version 4.0 I have a problem. I love hoppy beers. I think
there’s not much better than a really well-brewed IPA or pale ale. My problem?
I can’t brew hoppy beers to save my life. The Citra Pale Ale I recently brewed was
great in theory (citra hops, what...

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I’ve got this problem where once I buy
ingredients I basically am done with that brew. 
In my head I’ve moved on to what I want to brew next.  It’s not that I never brew anything , I’m
always brewing, but for instance, right now I still have the grains and ...

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Wild Yeast Capture
I’m officially off the rails with sour
brewing.  Can’t stop, won’t stop.  I have a sour blonde fermenting, a solera souring and bottles of Berliners and gose ready to drink.  Even with that all going on I’m finding new
ways to scratch the sour brewing itch....

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I’ve always been intrigued by sours and their
production.  It seems so crazy to me to
have the patience to leave a beer for years, not knowing how it is going to
turn out.  I like speeding up sours a
little bit but I also understanding the need for time in ...

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Kolsch Re-brew
I got third place in a competition a few years
ago with my Kolsch that I brewed.  I
wanted an easy drinking beer without making a lager and having to deal with the
time and cold temps that that involves. 
A kolsch was a great option because it uses an ale y...

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