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What does a fractal designer do?

Something just spectacular! I've seen my share of fractal art and even did a couple of experiments in my time - but what Chiara Biancheri, an architect and a fractal designer from Italy does with 3D fractals is beyond anything out there. A small selection of her work is below, but be sure to check out her site for more amazing digital math art

BTW Chiara uses Apophysis (, a freeware fractal flame editor + some Photoshop magic for extra effect

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Unreal! What programs are used in creating this stuff?
Yeah :) its in the post - Apophysis + Photoshop
wow, that´s impressive
These are really cool. I really like them a lot.
The picture is sooooo amazing ''WOW''
This is some pretty crazy stuff. I'm using the first one as my background right now!
I had the honor of speaking with Benoit Mandelbrot in the mid-nineties. He was very gracious and I was in awe and stuttered. I devoured a book called Chaos by James Gleick.
That was just the sound of a million wallpapers being changed all at once.
all of a sudden 'digital art' seems too restrictive to me.
oh and btw: thanks for sharing! :)
Awesome, just wish they were wallpaper sized so I could enjoy them all day.
Apophysis has been a mystery to me ever since I started creating fractal art. The results I see from my fellow artists on DevArt just blow my mind though!
your work is amazing. I have always been fascinated by fractals...ever create my own, but nothing like
OMG thank you so much!!! I'm... I'm speechless, really! I'm so glad and honored that you liked my fractal flames! Thanks, thanks again!!!
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