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Kill all HTML5 forms (before they kill you)!

Form Invaders ( is a lot more fun that I thought it would be - I had all these repressed feelings from my past dealings with HTML forms :)

The original game was a April Fools' stunt by Typeform a startup that makes creating and sharing HTML5 forms easier. If you're interested, the Form Invaders announcement is here (

#javascript   #html5   #forms   #htmlforms   #html5games   #game  
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Software Dogengineer job at Google!

I very much support this message (
Very tempting! Such Wow! :)

#doge   #dogecoin   #google   #googlejobs   #cryptocurrency  
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so <script></script>
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Patatap - creating and visualising music in real time!

Incredibly fun music visualisation project ( exploring neuronal synchrony and some crazy HTML5 action, developed by +Jono Brandel and Japanese composer duo Lullatone.

Use your keyboard to create music/visuals + its adapted for touch too, so it also works great on mobile. Anyone can play and make tightly visualised beats and its not just for messing around either - check out these tracks below that were recorded in real time by some very talented G+ers using Patatap.

Inspiration here:
- +Owlkin Katts created (also attached below)
- +Peik Wahl recorded

#music   #visualization   #html5   #javascript   #coolstuff  
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Thanks for the shout out man!
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Veljko Sekelj

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CSS Diner - great way to learn about CSS selectors

A little game ( made by Luke Pacholski to help you learn CSS selectors. Type in the correct selector to complete each level. 

#css   #css3   #style   #html5   #games  
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(Void comment, sorry)
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Way way harder than Flappy Bird

You can't handle hard! Flappy Bird Typing Tutor ( is crazy hard - now available with a creative spin for desktop and keyboard-based devices. Everybody can now sympathise with them iOS addicts. Thanks for driving us even more crazy +Mister Speaker :)

Just doing my part to add to the madness :)

#flappybird   #typingskills   #gaming  
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Hey we all tried
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Have him in circles
5,829 people

Amazing illustrations by Maxim Shkret ( made with 3ds Max, V-Ray, ZBrush and Photoshop. A little art appreciation is definitely the best way to finish the workweek :)

#design   #illustration   #graphics   #beautiful   #animals   #3ds    
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Crazy details on this WebGL head!

Probably the most detailed WebGL demo ( I've seen online - beautifully textured. And more than a bit spooky too :)

The process of creating the model is just as fascinating - check it out here ( and

#webgl   #3d   #3dmodeling   #html5   #awesome  
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these are beautiful.  Amazing work
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Huge database of expired domain names!

Wow, Expired Domains ( has an incredible amount of data. If was definitely not my intention today to lose 2 hours browsing through it (and purchasing a few extra domains) - but this is such a useful project - everybody should bookmark it!

Its listing (and updating daily) tens of thousands expiring and deleted .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .asia, .mobi, .us, .cc, .tv, .ca, .co, .me, .nu, .se, .uk and .de domain names. 

You can then filter out the stuff you're interested in and even sort against the age of the domain, number of incoming or outgoing links, PR rank, DMoz and Alexa status, etc. If you register (totally free) you'll also be able to view their entire database and get access to data like monthly searches on Google for that domain, Adwords competition and cost per click + even Go Daddy auction data. Crazy stuff!

This definitely helps since a lot of the domains in there are junk of course - but you'll still be able to find a few gems at least.

#website   #domainname   #ideas   #startup   #domain   #project  
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Veljko Sekelj

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Gmail Redesign Concept. 

A very nice Gmail design concept ( by +Ruslan Aliev. I always liked the idea of using strong contrasts and colors to visually separate important parts of the screen from the not so important ones. This way you get to focus on the email message first (kind of important in an email client anyway) and on the menus/lists later.

Don't really think it needs detailed color adjustment settings though (check out the link above for more screens and explanations) - not so many people use that anyway. But a great concept idea anyway!

#gmail     #email     #design     #concept     #uidesign   
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A simple guide to responsive design

Have almost missed this beautiful article ( on responsive design - code examples and illustrations included. If you're still confused on why, how and what - check it out!

#html5   #css3   #responsive   #responsivedesign   #websitedesign  
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Pixel density as screen area.
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My designer friends say - "well you're more of a developer". My developer friends - "well you're more of a designer". The truth is I love doing and am good at both. I know technology, I know design and use that knowledge to create great UIs that not many other can rival. If you're interested, some of my older UI/design project can be found here (

Am at the moment fascinated with cross-medial and cross-device solutions. Currently residing in Stuttgart, Germany and working closely with Pinky and The Brain on the latest World Domination Scheme.


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