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The Interest Post

This is an experiment I started last year geared towards connecting and networking with more folks here on Google+ who are interested in similar topics. Aside from individual topic-specific posts and your profile, this works as another piece of content other Plusers can discover you by.

I call it The Interest Post ( #TheInterestPost ). Feel free to do one for your circles, as well, but remember to make it Public if you want to maximize the exposure. See mine below, as an example...

Here is mine, subject to further additions.
(broad subject: topic - topic - etc)

Web Design & Development: Web Strategy - User Experience - Wordpress - Mobile Application Development


Internet Marketing: SEO - Email Marketing - Social Media Marketing - Blogging

Oceans: Scuba Diving - Coral Reefs - Live Rock Aquaculture - Sharks - Ocean and Reef Conservation

Marine (Saltwater) Aquariums: Coral Propagation - Marine Fish & Invertebrates

Travel: Florida Keys - Caribbean - Bahamas

Cars: Shows - Drag Racing - Drifting - Turbos - Mopar

Ice Hockey: Anaheim Ducks - Toledo Walleye - NHL - ECHL

TV Shows: LOST - The Walking Dead - Hell on Wheels - The Office

Misc: Photography - Technology - Music

Give it a whirl and see if any like-minded Plusers find you! Don't forget to tag it: #TheInterestPost
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I did one! Think I have it formatted about the same. :)
Great idea, although I'm not sure how it varies that much from an About page, except for the fact that not enough people read those. I might just do one of these tagged posts you suggest. Who knows, maybe I'll meet some more Photographers, Musicians, and Social Media aficionados.
Good deal, +Joshua Hopperton.

Thanks +Shannon Adelson. It's not so much that it varies from the About page (for those of us that have a properly completed About page), but it gets the topics that make you tick out into your circler's streams and into public searches. This provides another way that folks can find and connect with you.
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