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Chris Aldrich
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Chris Aldrich

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Florida grate caves
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Chris Aldrich

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Chris Aldrich

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Thanks for the invite, +Amid Yousef!
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You are welcome 
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Chris Aldrich

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Thanks for the invite, +Rob Gordon!

I founded Vivid Bamboo (, an interactive technology studio specializing in web design & development, custom web programming, mobile app development, and web technology/marketing consulting for small businesses and start-ups.

I also do live rock aquaculture down in the Florida Keys, and have a marine aquarium-related web project on horizon.

Feel free to circle me if you'd like to connect and chat further. Cheers!
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Thanks Rob!

For those interested, I'll likely be posting more about the live rock project after the first of the year, so circle me up.

And, until I create a Vivid Bamboo brand page over here, we can be found on Facebook:
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Chris Aldrich

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Busting out some good beer for the holiday. Cedric's Brown Ale all the way from Biltmore Brewery in Asheville, NC. Had to bring some of this tasty stuff home after having it while there.
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Same here. The wife and I spent a great day at the Estate back in Sept. Pricey, but neat to see, especially the House.

What did you think of the Estate?

I think you can order beer and wine on their website, fwiw. We brought back a nice bottle of wine and some of the ale.
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Chris Aldrich

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Chris Aldrich

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Chris Aldrich

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To my salty friends out there, who is going to be at MACNA later this month?
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Chris Aldrich

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Thanks for the invite, +Tom Trautman!
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Chris Aldrich

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Thanks for the invite!
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Chris Aldrich

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Aquarium Update!

Take a look at the latest shots of my Caribbean setup. Head over to Reef Central for more photos, details and color commentary.

You can find my build thread here:
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Thanks John!
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Entrepreneur - Web Professional - Blogger - Marine Aquarist - SCUBA Diver
I'm a creative-minded, eclectic entrepreneur with a passion for the internet.

At my company, Vivid Bamboo, we build web products and solutions for businesses. This includes initiatives such as web design and development, mobile design, strategy and consulting.

With Saltwater Smarts, a unique marine aquarium blog, we provide authoritative saltwater aquarium hobby information and services. The mission is promoting education, accessibility, and sustainability throughout the hobby.

I enjoy making professional connections. So, drop me a line if you'd like to discuss the web, business, saltwater aquariums or SCUBA diving.

I created #TheInterestPost, an initiative geared towards connecting and networking with more folks here on Google+ who are interested in similar topics. It also promotes engagement amongst your existing circles by informing them about all your interests. Give it a whirl:

I'll be spouting about the following topics (mostly):
  • Web Design & Development
    • Web Strategy
    • User Experience
    • Wordpress
    • Mobile Application Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Internet Marketing
    • SEO
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Blogging
  • Oceans
    • Scuba Diving
    • Coral Reefs
    • Live Rock Aquaculture
    • Sharks
    • Ocean and Reef Conservation
  • Marine (Saltwater) Aquariums
    • Coral Propagation
    • Marine Fish
    • Marine Invertebrates
    • Aquarium Projects & Builds
  • Travel
    • Florida Keys
    • Caribbean
    • Bahamas
  • Cars
    • Dodge - Mopar
    • Car Shows
    • Drag Racing
    • Drifting
    • Turbos
  • Hockey
    • Anaheim Ducks
    • Toledo Walleye
    • NHL
    • ECHL
    • Street Hockey
  • TV Shows
    • LOST
    • The Walking Dead
    • Hell on Wheels
    • Big Bang Theory
  • Miscellaneous
    • Photography
    • Apple, Inc.
    • Technology
    • Fly Fishing
    • Music

Feel free to contact me directly via the 'Send an email' button to the left.

Bragging rights
A few times each year, I travel down to the Florida Keys to work on a coral reef restoration project, which I am very proud to be a part of. Recently, I started my own aquaculture business/project in the Keys where the focus is building an artificial reef that is beneficial to surrounding natural reefs and providing a sustainable source of live rock to the aquarium industry.
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