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Masami Teraoka
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Attended Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles


Masami Teraoka

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Hi Bill,
It looks like a great school project for kids? It looks so easy to make a print. But was it a dry point plate? Aloha, Masami
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Masami Teraoka

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So beautiful! So together and succinct! Wow! There is no waste. How did they do that? The balance of the group is so enticing and intensely engaging. What an era. I was lucky enough to have lived those good old 60's - with such great amazing musicians. When this album came out perhaps I was still in Japan and used to go to the jazz cafe in Kobe. What a treat. Thank you so much Miles and Coltrane!!!! Aloha!

Masami Teraoka

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Extremely helpful explanation for shooting a detail oriented photo for art work. How to get detailed imaging to be precise working with Photoshop was also crucially important process that I had learned. Thank you so much!

Masami Teraoka

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Hi Greengrassmusic person. Could you list the musicians credit,thanks. I would like to know who is playing which instrument. I appreciate. I'm guessing the piano player in Herbie Hancock? Tony Williams on the drums? Thanks.

Masami Teraoka

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An amazingly contemplative session. At the same time Miles Davis and everyone else was immensely exploring creatively. Wow! The good old 60's. Such amazing time for the  jazz era.
Artist/Contemporary Narrative Painter
  • Self-employed
    Artist, 1966 - present
    I create my work in my studio.
  • Masami Teraoka Studio
    Artist/painter, 1966 - present
    Creating contemporary narrative painting is my passion particularly focusing on historical, social and cultural issues.
Basic Information
artist/contemporary narrative painting
I create contemporary narrative paintings focusing on compelling current and historical cultural issues. I was born and raised in Onomichi in the inland sea of Japan. Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University/BA in aesthetics in 1959 and Otis Art Institute/BFA and MFA in painting, Los Angeles, California in 1968.

Focusing on social cultural issue in current and historical context I have created many series such as McDonald's Hamburgers Invading Japan, 31 Flavors Invading Japan - cultural pollution and Non-Smoking Series in the 70's, AIDS Series in the 80's and in the early 90's I began to investigate human sexuality issue in context of Catholic clergy sex abuse. The most current thematic series since the early 90's has evolved into an extensive but rich personal quest. Confessional Series and Cloisters Series are inspired by the extensive research that I had done in the 90's. Most current series is called The Cloisters Last Supper Series which addresses the Catholic Church the ancient institution's sexual ethics/celibacy v civil rights in the context of contemporary cultural climate and secular society.

Selected Solo Shows:
Whitney Museum, New York, NY; Arthur M. Sackler Gallery/Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC; Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA. New Port Harbor Art Museum, New Port Beach, CA. Ascending Chaos: Marierier af Masami Teraoka, Frederiks Bastion, Copenhagen, Denmark, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut.


Gallery Representations:
Catharine Clark Gallery, San Fransisco, CA,, Samuel Freeman, Culver City, CA, and New Albion Gallery, Sydney, Australia,

Waves and Plagues: The Art of Masami Teraoka published 1988; Ascending Chaos: The Art of Masami Teraoka 1966 - 2006 published by the Chronicle Books in 2007; Masami Teraoka: The Cloisters Confessions published by Samuel Freeman/Gallery, Santa Monica, California: Masami Teraoka: Cloning Eve and Geisha by Lynda Hess (DVD 2004).

  • Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles
    BFA & MFA in painting, 1964 - 1968
  • Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
    BA in aesthetics, 1954 - 1959