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Connie Chastain
Writer, Southern and Romantic Fiction. Book design, cover design, editing, typesetting, formatting, video production,
Writer, Southern and Romantic Fiction. Book design, cover design, editing, typesetting, formatting, video production,

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Dangerous, Violent, Hate-filled Left Shows Its True Nature
Yvette Delarca is a violent lunatic in California. She and her group, By Any Means Necessary, led the violent attacks to shut down Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley. Why? Because, she says, he is a fascist and white supremacist. Apparently, she is completely un...

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Striking a Cord on Facebook
Three days ago, I made a simple meme -- just text -- and posted it on my Facebook timeline. As of today, three days later, it has been shared over 5,000 tunes. Apparently the meme's message struck a cord.   And the shares.... One commenter posted, " Nation ...

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America's CEO....

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Ron Paul Nails It

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How CNN Helped to Get Donald Trump Elected
This article from CNN   has to be one of the most puerile analyses I've read since I can't remember when. It reads like a 7th grade term paper. It's another attempt to "document" racism in Donald Trump and among his supporters. The method is to somehow make...

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Gleefully Approving of Annihilation
What kind of civil war historian, or any other kind of historian, occupies himself with monitoring and trashing currently existing heritage organizations, and plasters his blog with gleeful disparagement of them? Well, one example is a man who crafts a miss...

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Hate and Bigotry Warming Up at XRoads.
There's a new online dating service called "For Confederates Only" that Simpson has featured on is hate blog. I know nothing about the service; had never heard of it until Simpson posted a link to it at XRoads to encourage hatred and ridicule of heritage fo...

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Believe It
************* If the Virginia Flaggers and other Confederate groups announced that from here on,
they would no longer commemorate Lee-Jackson Day, or any other public
event in Lexington, CARE would dissolve into thin air. Anyone who thinks
they marched ...

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They Gon' Shut Us Down? Ah, No
Anti-fa = communist. Communist governments murdered estimated 100 to 150 million people in the 20th Century. These were not war deaths. They were deliberate murders. So a bunch of anti-fa whack jobs that worship mega-murdering communism are saying they want...
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