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Hi! I just wanted to tell you all, that I am still working on FH&W stuff. Now that Lion & Dragon is released, I am resuming work on FH&W material. Of course the Blasphemous Bestiary that was delayed but not abandoned. And the light version of FH&W. It will be released before the monster book. FH&W lite comes into three booklets (later will come a 4th and 5th for Cthulhu-inspired and Shadowrun-like material), all of them based on the core rulebook, but nonetheless expanded with new material. Example the spell-book: easy to use, the spell descriptions have been condensed so they are quicker to read; though it only features about 300 spells, but adds new zero-level spells that didn't exist in the core-book. I am currently working on the referee booklet: a lot of material added, mostly tables to determine at random what's in the merchant's pocket, what's in the grave, what's in this hole, what this secret door actually looks like, etc., etc. Then, some existing rules from the core book are expanded, such as the Waterborne Adventures section I am working on right now (more ships, crews and their competence, naval combat, etc.).

When I have time and the courage to do it, i will update the FH&W website (but I lost the password, so will have to find if I have noted it somewhere...).

FH&W errata

As I am working on the lite edition, I noticed a few errors. For example, I noticed that Magic Circle vs Evil got a 1 day per level duration. I never noticed it before, and it seems way over the top (PfE 10' rad is only 10 minutes per level). Anybody noticed this before? Anybody thinks it is okay at 1 day per level duration?? I think now of writing an errata, and this spell would get what? 1 hour per level? What do you think?

Anyway, I don't intend to read FH&W again to find all the glaring errors, so if you noticed any, tell me, and they will go into the errata. Thanks!

FH&W Lite Edition soon to be released!

Besides working on the monster book (that will get a professional cover illustration by Spencer Dean), I am doing the Lite Edition of FH&W. So far two booklets are done (they are 5.5 x 8.5 in size): Player's Manual, and Spell & Magic. The latter was much work actually, as the spells featured (300+) have been rewritten so as to have shorter texts, in the spirit of lite games. In fact, this magic booklet has got an OSR version (for easier use with retro-clones using the 5 saving throws categories, etc.) that will be released within a couple of weeks (I must get the proof copies before making them available). But the FH&W booklets will be released when the three of them are complete (since there will be some bundles and such). The last booklet I must do is the Referee's Rules. I could fill it with the usual stuff, but if some GMs out there want to see specific material in it, it's time to tell it here. Thanks.

I just read about Anders Honoré wanting a simpler, "lighter" version of FH&W. I think this is doable (though not in the near future). A few independant small booklets, in the same size and spirit as the original OD&D rules, but of course with FH&W rules and better layout. So, below tell me what you want for such a lite game: how many booklets, which classes, etc., what to include or not include. These would be the same rules, but a selection of the basic ones, as people could still look to the big 430 pages one for additional rules and such.

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This is a tentative cover for the monster book. Photo by myself (a long time ago... ah! ah!), but I will turn it into an illustration (will paint over it). That is, if it becomes the book's cover. Because for now I would like to know whether you like the idea or not. Any criticism welcome. After all, I have time for working on this one. Thanks.

I am thinking about combining the different small PDF I created about additional classes to make a short booklet available in print. One section would be about FH&W classes that need to be fixed in some way. Tell me if you think some classes need to be fixed (e.g.: maybe the Wise-man needs to be boosted?); tell me also if some new class should be added. Thanks.

I just finished writing all the monsters for the Blasphemous Bestiary (the FH&W monster book). This is going to be another huge book of more than 250 pages. Last monsters I added are a dozen iconic foes/creatures from the Star Wars universe (though renamed to avoid copyrights problems). Last thing I wrote and stated is the Renker (i.e. rancor), but you will also find clone troopers (i.e. storm troopers), darth champions (i.e. sith adepts), etc., written as monsters rather than NPCs with classes, so the GM only need to pick them straight from the book instead of designing them.

Now I need to do the layout. Still a lot of work to do...

The science-fiction chapter (on which I am currently working) includes about 40 creatures of all sorts. One of them had to be the "Gray". So 1st question, do you prefer them spelled "Gray" or "Grey" ? Then, 2nd question: I am making two variants: the "Little Gray Men", and the "Little Green Men". They are cousin species, but with slight differences of HD, abilities, etc. My question is: which ones are the evil sub-specie ? My current opinion that the Gray are cold-blooded, unconcerned neutrals, and the Green are evil. How do you see it?

The Blasphemous Bestiary includes both traditional D&D monsters, and new ones mostly inspired by films, fantasy and sci-fi novels, etc. So, in the Humanoids chapter, there is plenty of new stuff (e.g.: the Phruum, in fact a Phraint with a non-copyrighted name). My question is: is there a need for a Dwarf / Elf / Gnome / Halfling entry? Say, with three or four stat-blocks for each of them, so GM who need quick NPCs can find them there. But of course it lengthen the book with "creatures" that are not much interesting to read. I already included many things that are boring to me (e.g. pegasus), so why add more? So, if you really want these PC races as NPCs, tell me. (Note, not humans, as there is already plenty of NPC humans in FH&W).

Most of the "new" monsters featured in the Blasphemous Bestiary, are in fact drawn from fantasy literature, TV shows, Arduin, etc. For example, Daleks and Cybermen analogs are featured, though with different names and a different outlook to prevent copyrights problems. Then, I modified the Gargoyle to fit with a monster seen in a couple of episodes: a kind of dangerous and murderous statue that can only moves when nobody watches it. It was impracticable to recreate this monster as seen in the TV show, but some of its ideas were incorporated into the gargoyle.
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