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I have some bit coins....guess they are worth something

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This holiday season as your surrounded by family... remember your other friends

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Again I didn't compile this, but I totally agree with it... 

"A brief recap of Apple’s “innovation” in the last few iOS 


Voice dictation – Stolen from Android, Siri was nothing more 
than using Android’s idea and “one-upping” them 

OTA updates – Stolen from Android 

Notification bar – Shamelessly stolen from Android 

Cloud services – Stolen from Android 


You can now ask Siri how tall LeBron is – Ok… 

Facebook and Twitter integration throughout the OS – Stolen from 
Android, WebOS, and WP 

Contact syncing – Stolen from Android 

Homescreen actions when a call comes in – Stolen from 

Do Not Disturb mode – Stolen from Cyanogen (aka Android) 

Tab syncing in Safari – Stolen from Google (Chrome) 

Lockscreen notifications – Stolen from Android 

Turn-by-turn navigation – Stolen from Android 

3D maps – Stolen from Google" 

I would also like to add Apple ticket app is pretty similar to Google Wallet for Android, so really, what has Apple done lately?? How ironic they sue everyone for supposedly copying them, but yet they themselves clearly copy more than anybody.

Maybe you should buy a Samsung then and stop reading MacRumor's.
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