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FACES UnMasked
Cranio, Faces, Face, Mask, Art, Chattanooga Masks, Craniofacial, FACES The National Craniofacial Association, Chattanooga artists, artists, UnMasked Art Event, Art Event, UnMasked
Cranio, Faces, Face, Mask, Art, Chattanooga Masks, Craniofacial, FACES The National Craniofacial Association, Chattanooga artists, artists, UnMasked Art Event, Art Event, UnMasked

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Hart Gallery TN, Friday, October 2, 2015
5:30 pm - 8 pm
View some of the unique and amazing masks and artwork created for FACES yearly fundraising event FACES UnMasked.
Opportunities to place closed bids on masks before the event, meet the artists and enjoy all the amazing artwork for FACES UnMasked.
Main Event on Thursday, October 29 at The Church on Main.
Free to the public!

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FACES UnMasked, Thursday, October 29, 2015

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From Chattanooga and Beyond!
More info at:

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This year's logo mask "Happy Explosion of Joy" was created by Hart Gallery TN artist, Ronald Johnson. FACES is very thankful that despite his hardships, Ron gave anyway - Thank you for helping the children and adults of FACES Ron!

You can read a little bit about Ronald in his bio below.
Ronald Johnson: I used to be a master craftsman. I built some very nice, high profile signs in Jacksonville, FL. Then I got sick with pancreatitis. I was so sick the doctor told me that I had waited another two days to come to the hospital I would have died. But the Lord Jesus saved my life. When I tried to go back to work afterwards they laid me off. I drew unemployment while looking for work but had no success. When my unemployment ran out I started selling my stuff to survive and then I went dumpster diving. There was not enough money in that to even eat everyday. It was so bad that I tried to kill myself but God didn’t let me die. I had enough poison in me to kill two people but the next day I was still here. I prayed and prayed and asked why. Jesus answered telling me to leave everything and spread the word. That is why I am here – to help those that are lost and to help the needy with whatever means God provides me.

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FACES UnMasked is pleased to announce the 2015 logo mask - created by Hart Gallery artist Ronald Johnson.

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FACES UnMasked

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FACES UnMasked – Beyond the Face

Thank you for participating in FACES UnMasked, FACES’ stimulating fundraising event featuring masks and artwork created by local artists and community members. This special event benefits the compassionate programs at FACES, a not-for-profit organization serving children and adults throughout the US with severe craniofacial anomalies.*

Finished masks and artwork will hang in the HbArt Gallery, and/or local businesses from September through October, and then be transferred to the Church on Main for the main event on October 23. Masks and works created for the event will be auctioned with all proceeds going to FACES.

• Artists are encouraged to look beyond the mask of the human spirit
• Artist can work with a mask provided or create their own mask
• Artist can choose to not use a mask and incorporate the face and/or spirit behind the face into their artwork
• Size and medium[s] is in the eye of the artist.
Feel free to go beyond the norm.
• Suggested keywords: inner beauty, passion, hope, courage, tenacity, kindness
• There are not set rules

WORKS SUBMITTED: Finished works and artist bio sheets are to be submitted to HbArt Gallery between September 16 and October 10. Artists need to be prepared to have their photo made with their artwork for publicity. Artist please provide a short biography.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to artists, local personalities, and celebrities as well as the community at large.

VIEW PAST UNMASKED ENTREES: FACES UnMasked masks and event photos can be seen at

For more information please contact FACES at 423-266-1632, or email Kim Teems, Communications & Program Director at


August 5: Mask kits available at HArt Gallery
[Note: HArt is closed on Sunday - Tuesday]

Sept. 16 - Oct. 10:
Return work to HArt Gallery where mask will be logged in, photographed by itself as well as with you, and exhibited at HArt Gallery and/or area businesses.

September 19:
Deadline to be in Southside Stroll Preview Exhibit at Gallery

September 26:
FACES UnMasked Southside Stroll Exhibit at HArt Gallery

October 23: FACES UnMasked event at the Church on Main,
from 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Tickets are $50;
Participating artists
receive free admission and the
opportunity to purchase
one ticket at half price.
More info at

110 E. Main Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408
Phone: (423) 521-4707

HArt Gallery Hours of Operation:
Wednesday through Friday,
11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
PO Box 11082, Chattanooga, TN 37401
(423) 266-1632

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Flashback to the first FACES UnMasked in 2011

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FACES UnMasked 2013 masks
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